Wiltshire Association of Local Councils – FAQs – Elections v1 25.02.21
election, publication of statement of persons nominated and publication of notice of poll (see timetable for more information). Following the election, it will be necessary to furnish new members with any relevant information such as a copy of The Good Councillor’s Guide and any other useful publications see www.nalc.gov.uk/publications as well as the council’s code of conduct, standing orders, timetable of meetings, details of any committees they may wish to join, etc. The Good Councillor’s Guide is also available in hard copy from the WALC office. Access to the building is currently limited, but possible so any orders will be collated and sent at intervals. The books are priced at £3.49 each plus P&P for member councils and £4.99 each plus P&P for non-member councils. You may also be a point of contact for those interested in standing for election and wanting to find out more about the council. There will also be the organisation of the relevant Council meetings. How do we encourage people to stand for election? Getting information about the council, its activities and work out there as well as what it means to be a councillor and how to stand. Making use of noticeboard, website, and social media platforms. There is information about the NALC campaign (which includes resources) at www.nalc.gov.uk/our-work/local-elections Councils do have to be careful about their publicity during the pre-election period (which begins from the notice of election), taking care not to give publicity to any political parties or individual councillors in a way that could be seen as trying to influence the outcome of the election. It is business as usual as far as meetings and decision-making are concerned. There is more information at www.local.gov.uk/short-guide-publicity-during-pre-election-period Will training be available for new councillors? Yes, WALC will be providing a programme of remote training sessions for new councillors; information will be sent out about this a bit closer to the election. We can also provide sessions for whole councils or clusters of councils (up to around 20 people). At present, it is intended that these sessions will be provided remotely but there may be opportunities for face-to-face training later in the year. Where can I find more information? For local councils in Wiltshire, Wiltshire Council delivered an Elections’ webinar on 24 th February. If you missed it live, it is available to watch on Wiltshire Council’s YouTube channel .