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Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 15th February 2015
Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held in Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall on Sunday 15th February 2015 at 5pm Present: Lucy Gomes (Chair), Cllr N Williams, Cllr F Deane, Cllr R Haverson, Cllr T Greenwood and Cllr T Warren Also in attendance: Charles Howard (Wiltshire Councillor) Michael Fowler (architect) and 31 members of the public. Minutes taken by Jill Cockerton as the Clerk was on holiday. 1. Apologies. Cllr. Dennis and Cllr Williams 2. Disclosure(S) Of Interest And Granting Of Dispensations: To receive any declaration of interest by a member in relation to matters to be considered at this meeting, as defined by the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council on 12 July 2012 in accordance with the provisions of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider requests for dispensations. Cllr Cockerton said that he had received a complaint from a member of the public suggesting that, in the wording of the notice about the meeting, he was biased against the planning application. He left the hall while the sub-committee discussed this. It was decided that the words 'prominent' and 'sizeable' were factually correct and did not suggest bias so Cllr Cockerton was invited back to take part in the meeting. 3. Minutes of last meeting. None as there had been no meeting since the last full council meeting. PL 01.15 Matters arising - for information only. 4. PL.02.15 Adjournment for public comments/questions. 5.09pm Charles Howard explained the current situation and the next stages of the planning process. At this stage, Wiltshire Planning Committee was awaiting several technical reports and other relevant information. The deadline for comments is February 26th 2015 and, until that date, any member of the public can send comments to the address on the green notice on the telegraph pole near the proposed site. All comments received will be posted in full on the Council website. After this date, it will be decided whether to 'call in' the application for a deferred decision by eight Wiltshire Councillors and, if this is the case, there will be further opportunities for the public to comment. The target date for a decision is April 22nd but this may be later if the application is 'called in'. The Chairman reported on several emails received that listed the following concerns: 1. sewerage system overload 2. water run-off 3. traffic and pedestrian safety 4. building within a conservation area 5. Using the old railway line, thereby making any reinstatement impossible. Michael Fowler then took questions from members of the public. The main points raised were as follows. The village has suffered from flooding several times due to a high water table and fifteen additional houses could increase the run-off levels to dwellings further down the hill. The mains sewerage system is old and will not cope with heavy rains currently. Fifteen extra houses feeding into the sewers would exacerbate the problem and possibly lead to more raw sewage flooding over the High Street. Wessex Water has acknowledged that the sewerage system needs a huge overhaul but there are no plans (or money) to carry out this work in the foreseeable future. Mr. Fowler pointed out that originally there was to be pocket drainage system but Wessex Water insist they join the main drainage system. There are implications for nearby houses' privacy, including the concern that the ground floor of some of the proposed new houses will look directly into the bedroom windows of existing properties as well as light pollution. The response was that in terms of proximity to existing properties, the proposed development complies with legal dimensions. Major concerns were raised regarding Station Approach in regards to: its width; the council not adopting it; the junction with Cadley Road and its stability. Michael acknowledged concerns about traffic but pointed out that county standards suggest no division between traffic and pedestrians and that they both share the same space. Having separate space for each was a 1960s philosophy. The proposed development will be visible on the skyline. (In 2002 planning permission was refused for one house as it was on the skyline) and the ecology of the site. Michael's response was that visual impact assessment has been made. The site is now more secluded and concealed as trees have grown since the last planning application. An ecology survey was carried out and the only significant species found was slowworms. More trees will be planted. New guidelines are being introduced in April of this year that will mean the proposed site is outside the area of permitted development. Councillor Howard told the meeting that points raised would be fed back to the Planning Committee. The Parish Council had been asked to comment and this would also contribute to the decision-making process. Letters had already been received by Wiltshire Council, both for and against the development. Cllr Gomes drew the discussion to a close, thanking everyone for their contributions and encouraging all comments to be sent to Wiltshire Council. She acknowledged a comment from a member of the public that the majority of people attending the meeting lived close to the proposed site and had a particular interest. The meeting was closed to public comments at 6.15pm and the planning sub-committee resumed its meeting. 5. PL.03.15Planning Application: 15/00262/FUL. Removal of existing builders' compound and outdoor storage area; and, the erection of 15 no. dwellings, with associated parking, turning, landscaping, and highway improvement works at Land at Station House & Station Yard, Station Approach, Collingbourne Ducis, SN8 3EB. 6. Next meeting: Date to be confirmed. The meeting closed at 6.45 pm. Signed: Chairman:
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