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NTS S029 A338 Shaw Crossroads Proposed Diversion Route VT Drawing Number Rev Status File: S029- Div Route.dwg Date: Aug 07, 2018- 12:18pm                    Plotted by: tnva7412 Surface Treatment 2018/2019 Reactive Maintenance Schemes  5165664-ATK-DR-C-S029-002 C1 S2 5165664-ATK-DR-C-S029-002 S2 C1 Design/Drawn Checked Authorised Date Date Date Sheet Size A4 Rev Status Rev Description ByDateChk’d Auth VT Proposed Closure Proposed Diversion Route 07/08/18 07/08/18 07/08/18 07/08/18 C1 First Issue NONE NONE NONE NONE USRN: 18500931,18500930 Philips Street Atlas: P191-D7,D8,E8 Road Speed Limit: 30mph & 60mph OS Grid Ref: 424387,153732 to 423569,152045 WC Briefs No: 02-05-02 Client Finance Code: 63 26 88 Works Order No: TAR4/00074 Postal Area: SN8 Notes: 1. Limits of works are approximate and are to be agreed on site with the Engineer. THIS MAP IS REPRODUCED FROM ORDNANCE SURVEY MATERIAL WITH THE PERMISSION OF ORDNANCE SURVEY ON BEHALF OF THE CONTROLLER OF HER MAJESTY’S STATIONERY OFFICE.         CROWN COPYRIGHT.  UNAUTHORISED REPRODUCTION IN FRINGES CROWN COPYRIGHT AND  MAY LEAD TO PROSECUTION OR CIVIL PROCEEDINGS. 100049050, 2014 c TM TM DT DT