Hello and welcome to this Community Policing Team report. The purpose of these monthly reports is to provide a short summary of the local issues in your area, the crimes we have been dealing with and our ongoing priorities. Engaging with the public is vital for us as. Not only does it give us an opportunity to share what we are doing and keep our communities informed and up to date but it also provides an opportunity for our communities to feed back to us; what we’re doing well, where we can make improvements and how we can work together to tackle local issues. We hope you find these updates useful, for the latest news, crime prevention advice and appeals please follow us on: Please follow us on: Twitter https://twitter.com/wiltshirepolice Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wiltshirepolice/ Or sign up to Community Messaging https://www.wiltsmessaging.co.uk/ Current Priorities Off Road Motorbikes/Vehicles Salisbury Plain This   priority   commenced   on   24 th    March,   to   date   105   actions/patrols   have   taken   place.   Officers   continue   to   patrol   the   area   along   with   members   of   our Volunteer   Scheme.   The   rural   crime   team   are   actively   involved   and   continue   to   use   social   media   to   publish   the   rules   of   the   plain.   Further   operations are being planned with the MOD, Special Constabulary and RMP. Summer Crime Prevention Campaign Following    recent    reports    of    thefts    of    pushbikes,    break    ins    to    garden    sheds,    theft    from    motor    vehicles    and    a    few    dwelling    burglaries,    the Neighbourhood   Tasking   Group   decided   that   a   Summer   Campaign   around   Crime   Prevention   was   a   good   thing.   A   radio   interview   took   place   with   BFBS on   26 th    July   with   Pc   Wileman   &   PCSO   Maria   Downham   to   discuss   the   current   local   issues   and   offer   crime   prevention   advice.   If   any   advice   is   required by any local groups please contact your local officer PCSO Maria Downham. Ludgershall Recreation Ground & Jubilee Gardens This   Neighbourhood   Tasking   Group   Priority   was   agreed   at   the   meeting   on   27 th    June,   Ludgershall   are   experiencing   higher   than   normal   issues   around Anti   Social   Behaviour,   involving   drug   use,   alcohol   and   spates   of   criminal   damage   at   these   locations.   Off   road   motorbikes   are   being   ridden   around   the town   and   on   these   areas   causing   damage.   This   area   will   now   be   targeted   for   a   period   of   3   months   or   until   the   issues   have   been   addressed.   To   date 50 patrols/actions have taken place. Target Patrols Church Farm, High Street, Collingbourne Ducis This target patrol commenced on 27th July 2017. Patrol is in place to offer reassurance and obtain evidence in light of recent spate of criminal damage. To date 8 patrols/actions have taken place. Chrystal Place Farm, Upper Chute This target patrol commenced on 28th July 2017. Patrol is in place due to series of Burglaries over a period of 6 weeks. Patrol is to offer reassurance and evidence gathering. To date 13 patrols/action have taken place. Any Relevant Series for July 2017 N/A Local Crimes Ludgershall 6th July 2017 – Tesco’s – Unknown youth has been returning to the store being abusive and a nuisance to staff. 6th July – Co-op – Unknown male has stolen 4 x bottles of Jack Daniels from the store. 10th July – Andover Road – Criminal damage caused to fence panels. 14th July – Andover Road – Adult male arrested for going equipped. Investigation is ongoing. 25th July – Co-op – Unknown male has stolen items from the store Everleigh N/A  Collingbourne Ducis 24th July – Church Farm – Windows smashed on a caravan. Investigation is ongoing. 25th July – Church Farm – Windows smashed on 5 motor vehicles parked on site. Investigation is ongoing. Collingbourne Kingston N/A Netheravon N/A Enford 01st July – Long Street – Theft of two leisure batteries from an electric fence surrounding a field. 30th July – Enford Farm - Persons believed to be hare coursing. Fittleton N/A Chute/Chute Forest 7th July – Chrystal Palace Farm – Break in to workshops, an untidy search took place and items damaged inside. An anvil was stolen along with other non-disclosed items. 10th July – Chrystal Palace Farm – Outer farm building broken into by forcing the door, once inside an air compressor pump was stolen.   https://www.police.uk/  This link will allow you to check stats in more detail for your area, and all surrounding areas. If you wish further detail please contact your local officers -  PCSO 6078 Downham maria.downham@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk Please dial 101 to report a crime and 999 in an emergency. Pc 1481 Lucy Wileman Amesbury Police 07/08/2017