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Application form and guidance for Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council Minor Grants Scheme
APPLICATION FORM FOR APPLICATIONS TO THE MINOR GRANTS SCHEME Applications for grants and donations will be assessed according to the criteria below and the proposal should: 1. Be fully costed. 2. Be supported by a business plan that demonstrates that any development is sustainable. 3. Include quotes, maps, plans and planning consents where relevant. n.b. Ideally, but not necessarily, the Council’s grant contribution should be no more than 33% of the total scheme cost. Grant required: Amount of grant requested: …………………………………. What is the money for? Please give a breakdown of how the money is to be spent (attach a separate sheet if necessary): Total project costs and funds raised: How much will the total project cost? How much has been/is to be raised towards this sum? Details of your group/organisation Name of the group: Name of the main contact in your group (to whom correspondence will be sent): Full address for correspondence: Telephone: Email: Status of your organisation (please tick): Registered Charity Unregistered Charity Voluntary organisation Other (Please specify) How would you describe your group? Details of your Committee: (e.g. Chairperson, Clerk, Finance rep.) When was your group set up? How many people are involved in running your group/project? What are the key aims and objectives of your group? Does the Organisation have a constitution, Memorandum of Association or rules? (Please state which and attach a copy). How has the need for this service/project been identified? Who will benefit from the grant or donation and how? What other funding has been secured and from where? Please detail this below and also list other bids made which have not yet been decided or have been unsuccessful. Signatories and position in the group or organisation: Name: Position: Name: Position: Information about your last annual accounts (if applicable): Year ending (month/year): Total Income: Minus Total Expenditure: Surplus/Deficit for year: Reserves held: Declaration: I confirm, on behalf of …………………………………………….. that I am authorised to sign this declaration on its behalf, and that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all replies are true and accurate. I further confirm that this application is made on the basis that if successful, the group will use the grant only for the purposes specified in this application and will comply with any terms and conditions set out subject to the award being given. Title: First Name: Surname: Position held in group: Full address for correspondence: Telephone: Email: Signed: Date: Please ensure that you enclose/send us the following documents in support of your application: Please tick to indicate that you have done so. To be sent with all applications: Constitution or similar Annual Accounts Equal Opportunities Policy Project Plan To be sent where appropriate: Business Plan Quotes (where relevant) Maps/Plans Planning consents Important: it is a condition of your application that you have read, understood and accepted the following conditions 1. All decisions are final and made at the discretion of the Council 2. At the end of the grant period, the Council has no commitment to any further funding. 3. We may use the name of your group and/or project in our publicity material. Please send your completed application to: Parish Clerk Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council Thistle House, 10 Foxtail Gardens Ludgershall Wiltshire SP11 9TB Tel: 01264 398 534 e-mail parishclerk@collingbourne-ducis.com
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