Electors rights - Assets at year ended 31st March  
Assets a) Movements in the year                                                               Value The following assets were purchased during the year:        Nil                              b) The following assets were disposed of during the year: Nil c) At 31 March 2012 the following assets were held:- COMMUNITY ASSETS                      Value Recreation Ground                                 nil Burial Ground                                 nil OTHER FIXED ASSETS Street Furniture                                        £81321.00   Bench seats (4) IEP           The Knapp, Recreation gd (3), Saxon Rise, Burial ground   Bench seats (9)  IEP           Blue Lion Green, War Memorial Green, High St West side   Stone vases (3)   Bus shelters (1) The Knapp       Bus shelter (2)  A338         Gates and Fences:   Burial Ground                                                             Barriers with padlocks (2) IEP               War memorial        War memorial bollard and padlock   1 set of goal posts (recreation ground)   Mounting stone                   4 Notices – Parish Council property (IEP)                   10 Notices – dog fouling  (IEP)                   1 notice board for bus shelter                         1 notice board - glazed               Golden Jubilee memorial sign               Playground equipment (Knapp Close):   1 traditional free standing slide   1 inclusive springie   1.0m dish roundabout    1 pole spin (ground fixed)    1 style swing 2.4m high 4 seat    1 pod seat   Playground equipment (Recreation Ground):  1 five a side goal 4 Benches 2 Tables 1 special 5 aside goal & barriers Skate Park equipment 2 Lighting columns Safety surfaces –Safagrass    4,500.00 Garden equipment and tools           668.00 Office contents:    2,500.00   Filing cabinet – clerk’s home                   Deed box – clerk’s home  Computer & Printer         Total value of assets                £89,000 The basis of these assets is replacement value, with the exception of Community Land which is valued at NIL.  Fixed asset values according to Community First Zurich Municipal’s Policy No YLL2720227 8713 Prepared by:   P Gill K Cockerton Responsible Financial Officer Chairman