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COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD IN COLLINGBOURNE VILLAGE HALL ON THURSDAY 5 JULY 2018 AT 7.00pm Present: Cllr Knowlson (Chairman), Cllr Dennis, Cllr Gomes, Cllr Greenwood, Cllr Millard and Cllr Hartley. In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Clerk), Wilts Cllr I Blair-Pilling. 1. Apologies: Cllr Haverson (Vice Chairman) and Pc L Wileman. Absent: None 1. Chairman’s announcements: The Chairman drew attention to or spoke on the following: He had attended a meeting to discuss a range of common local topics with a view to working better together to achieve individual and collective aims. It was agreed that these meetings should held as and when required but to be at least twice a year. He reported that the refurbishment of the Everleigh Road "Finger" Sign Post was well underway by the Ludgershall Men's Shed Group. The request from a Villager for an access footpath bordering the eastern edge of the A338 to allow her safe access to the village amenities has proved impossible to meet due to cost and possible insurance liabilities. The Chairman agreed to visit the resident to explain the situation. The Defibrillator has been received and is to be fitted on the wall of the Village Hall near the entrance. 1. 17.18 Minutes of the last meeting. The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting and of the Annual Parish Council held on 10 May 2018 having been previously circulated were agreed as a true record. Proposed by Cllr Greenwood seconded by Cllr Knowlson Agreed nem con 18.18. Matters arising. None that do not appear on the agenda. 1. 19.18 Declarations of Interest and dispensation requests: None declared. 1. 20.18 Co-Options. As no applications had been received for co-option, there remain four vacancies on the Council. 1. 21.18 Policing Issues. PCL Wileman sent a report by email a summary of which follows: We are launching a new campaign called 'Wanted in Wiltshire' to highlight our most wanted suspects and appeal to the public to help us in locating them. It follows the success of the 'Wanted this Winter' campaign at Christmas which saw 22 outstanding suspects successfully dealt with. A new dedicated area on our website will let the public browse our live wanted appeals and advise how information can be passed to the police. Please follow us on: Twitter https://twitter.com/wiltshirepolice : Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wiltshirepolice/ Or sign up to Community Messaging https://www.wiltsmessaging.co.uk/ Our free Community Messaging service will also help keep you updated about policing and crime in your local area. Ludgershall & Ludgershall Rural Council Report for June. Target Patrols Dewey’s Lane – Ludgershall: Following complaints from the Community a target patrol commenced at this location, to offer reassurance and gather intelligence. Concerns around possible drug use at the location, along with anti-social behaviour. To date 7 actions have taken place. Mughal Restaurant: An incident occurred at this location on 22nd June. The investigation is ongoing at this time. In order to offer reassurance and deal with any further criminal activity and anti-social behaviour, a target patrol commenced on 2nd June. To date 31 actions have taken place. A multi-agency meeting has been arranged for 9 th July. Chrystal Palace Farm: On 1 st May additional patrols commenced at this location due to further incidents of thefts. Patrols continued until 3 rd June. In total 20 actions took place. Relevant Series for June 2018: Nil Local Crimes Burglary Business 14 th June: Red Lion – East Chisenbury -Suspect(s) have tried to gain entry to the property. No entry gained. 18 th June: Everleigh Recycling Centre - Suspects had cut through the perimeter fence and have then cut the door handle to the ISO shipping container. The suspect/s have then taken 2 lawn mowers from the ISO container and left the premises. Theft 18 th June: Co-Op Ludgershall - Suspect has entered the store and has put a bottle of soft drink into a Tesco carrier bag and has left the store without making payment. 29 th June: New Drove, Ludgershall - Suspect(s) have stolen a bike which was chained to the railings. The lock has been cut and bike removed. Mongoose Cross Way 350 Hybrid 30 th June: Queensway, Netheravon - Suspect has taken £20 out of the victims back pocket before running off. Assault 3 rd June: Penning’s Road - Suspect has pushed the victim causing no injuries. 22 nd June: Mughal Restaurant - Suspect has head-butted and kicked victim in the face causing cut to head. Vehicle Offences 5 th June: Pigott Close, Netheravon - Suspect/s has smashed the rear window of the victim’s vehicle. 20 th June: High Street, Netheravon- Suspect/s have slashed driver front tyre whilst parked in parking bay. 21 st June - Lower Street, Haxton -Suspect has smashed the rear window of a vehicle by unknown means. No entry gained and nothing taken. Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting The next Tidworth/Ludgershall NTG is booked for 14.30 hours on 23rd July in Ludgershall at the Town Council Office. Contact: This following link will allow you to check stats in more detail for your area, and all surrounding areas. https://www.police.uk/ If you wish further detail please contact your local officers - Pc Lucy Wileman Email: lucy.wileman@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk Please dial 101 to report a crime and 999 in an emergency. The Chairman thanked PC Wileman for her report. 1. Adjournment for public comments/questions: 7.15pm Wilts Council Blair-Piling reported that on the following: Salisbury Recovery – Amesbury incident at weekend, Recycling Changes, Everleigh HRC – Consultation and personal view. Electoral Review – Now expect number of Councillors late August. Thereafter review of boundaries. Special Needs Schools – Consultation runs to end July for which there are three proposals with views being sought how we can: Create new special school places for children/young people with complex needs in the north of the county Develop good schools which help children and young people to learn and be confident for now and the future Shape the best education and support which will keep and attract high quality teachers and professionals Manage all this within the funding that can be made available Involve everyone in making good decisions. Outdoor Centres – Delayed closure to end Dec to allow for proper bids – only considering bids that enable continuing outdoor activity provision. Preliminary Planning Consent. Portfolio Holder for ICT and Digitisation – Just let £6M contract with Microsoft to take forward our digitisation strategy over next 2 years. Parish Chairmen Meeting. Greater ‘information/contact sharing’ and potential for collaboration. Next meeting to including boundary factors. The meeting reconvened at 7.00pm 1. 22.18 Finance Report: The Clerk had presented and circulated the Income and Expenditure report along with Bank Reconciliations produced from the accounts package and the latest bank statements, which the Cllrs accepted. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Dennis Agreed nem con. The following cheques were noted and/or presented for authorisation as per approved contracts or IAW Standing Orders: 1681 Mr L Gomes (Website Software 11 May 18) £74.98 (VAT £4.99) 1682 JRC Cleaning Svcs (Bus Shelters 21 May 18) £28.00 (VAT £4.67) 1684 Community 1st (insurance 1 Jun 18) £1470.94 1684 Mr P Gill (Clerk's Sal & Exps Jun 18) £383.29 1685 HMRC (Clerk's PAYE & Council's NI Jun 18) £95.80 1686 Landmarc Sp Svcs (Court Farm ROW 6 Jun 18) £40.00 1687 T Greenwood (2 x Trees & Compost 13 May 18) £53.68 (VAT £.063) 1688 WEL Medical Ltd (Defibrillator 31 May 18) £1639.50 (VAT 273.25) 1689 SEE (Recreation Ground Electric 6 Jun 18) £25.45 (VAT £1.21) 1690 P Gill (ICO Registration 1 Jun 18) £40.00 1691 Idverde Ltd (Gds Maintenance & Bins 31 May 18) £527.60 (VAT £87.93) 1692 Idverde Ltd (Gds Maintenance & Bins 29 Jun 18) £527.60 (VAT £87.93) 1693 P Gill (Clerk's Sal & Exps Jul 18) Jul 18 £370.89 1694 HMRC (Clerk's PAYE & Council's NI Jul 18 £92.60 Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Greenwood Agreed nem con Bank Accounts. Cllrs noted the closure on the Scottish Widows Account and the transfer of the closing balance to the Lloyds Account. Publishing of Accounts. Having considered who was to publish the Council Accounts for FY 18/19 on the PC Website Cllrs agreed that Cllrs Gomes and Hartley were to publish the Council Accounts for FY 18/19 on the PC Website. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Millard Agreed nem con Action: Cllrs Gomes & Hartley Internet Banking. Having considered moving the bank account to internet banking Cllrs agreed that the Clerk was to investigate moving the bank account on to internet banking. Proposed by Cllr Gomes seconded by Cllr Hartley. Agreed nem con Action: Clerk. Grant Received. Cllrs noted receipt of £250.00 from Linda Barnes (Nee Poole) an ex village resident as a donation towards the cost of the defibrillator and Cllr Knowlson agreed to write a letter of thanks. Grants requests. None received. 1. 23.18 Planning Report: The Chairman of the Planning Cttee reported that the following Planning Applications had been submitted since the last meeting: 118/05416/TCA. Work to Trees in a Cons Area 20% Reduction to Beech (T1) and Reduce Goat Willow (T2) to a 2.5 Metre Pollard 56-57 Farthings, High Street. 18/05295/TCA. Work to Trees in a Cons Area T1- Spruce tree - fell T2- Willow- tree - fell at Cawdreys Farm House, Sunton. Having previously considered the two applications Cllrs agreed to raise no objections. Proposed by Cllr Gomes seconded by Cllr Greenwood Agreed nem con Action: Cllr Gomes 1. 24.18 Property Report: Play Area Safety inspections. Cllr Knowlson reported that all the equipment was in good working order that the Recreation Ground was looking good. He also reported that two benches on the edge of the Recreation Ground were in need of repair. He agreed to approach the Mike Giles of the Ludgershall Men's Shed to see if they could carry out the repairs. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson Seconded by Cllr Dennis Agreed nem con Action: Cllr Knowlson War Memorial. Having considered the refurbishment options and noting that the War Memorial is now a Grade 2 listed Building Cllrs agreed to Cllr Dennis was to invite MJ Sly Stonemasons Ltd to quote for the repairs with a view to the repairs being complete by 11 November 18. Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Hartley Agreed nem con Action: Cllr Dennis Ashes Scattering. Having considered a request to have the ashes of the late Matt Hatfield scattered on the cricket square on the Recreation Ground Cllrs agreed to authorise the scattering of the ashes. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Greenwood Agreed nem con Action: Clerk 1. 25.18 Highway Matters: Parish Steward Scheme. Cllr Greenwood reported that the Steward was carrying out his tasks to a high standard and had done a particularly good job of clearing the Knapp Hill footpath and weeding the gutters etc. However, he does not have the capability to clear the drains on Cadley Road but has indicated that he will find out how it can be done and report back to Cllr Greenwood. After discussion a number of further taskings were indentified for Cllr Greenwood to pass on to the Parish Steward. Action: Cllr Greenwood Consultation of the Proposed Speed and Weight Limits. At the last meeting the Chairman reported that he still had to write a letter Wilts Council and the local MP regarding the long term future of the A338 and the development of a cohesive strategy and that he would struggle to find the time to do so in the very near future. After discussion, Cllrs agreed that Cllr Greenwood was to draft a letter for circulation to the Cllrs for comment and that the final version was to go out under the Chairman's signature. However, the letter remains undrafted and Cllr Greenwood again agreed to draft a letter for circulation to the Cllrs for comment and that the final version was to go out under the Chairman's signature Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Millard. Agreed Nem con Action: Cllr Greenwood & Chairman Footpath CD 29. Cllr Dennis reported he was still awaiting alternative quotes and he agreed to chase the quotes. Action: Cllr Dennis Cadley Road Traffic Calming. Having considered what traffic calming measures would be appropriate and cost effective Cllrs agreed that the planned installation of entrance gates would help and noted that residents were legally parking their cars outside their properties to help slow traffic down. Speed Indicator Devices (SID). The Clerk reported that he had asked Collingbourne Kingston PC (KCPC) and the reply had been circulated to Cllrs. In essence, the matter is still ongoing with Enford PC in the lead. After a long and detailed discussion, Cllr Agreed in principle to keep engaged KCPC but also to purchase its own to SID. Cllr Dennis agreed to research the types and costs of various SIDs and to report back to the Council. Proposed by Cllr Millard seconded by Cllr Greenwood Agreed Nem con Action: Cllr Dennis 1. 26.18 GENERAL MATTERS. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Clerk reported that he had registered the Council with the ICO and having considered the previously circulated GDPR Policy and Privacy Notice Cllrs agreed to adopt them and for them to be published on the PC's Website. Proposed by Cllr Gomes seconded by Cllr Knowlson. Agreed Nem con Action: Cllrs Gomes & Hartley PC Website Webmaster. Cllr Gomes reported that she was now getting up to speed with taking over the Website Webmaster responsibilities from Mr K Cockerton and is now posting items on the website. However, Cllr Hartley and the Clerk have yet to have the software installed on their respective devices. Action: Cllrs Gomes, Hartley & Clerk Everleigh Household Recycling Centre (EHRC). Having considered the Council's response to Wilts County's consultation on the closure of the EHRC Cllrs agreed that they were to send comments to Cllr Knowlson inclusion in a Council response to the consultation. However, this did not debar Cllrs from responding to the consultation as individuals. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded Cllr Hartley. Agreed nem con Action: All Cllrs & Chairman Village Gates. Cllr Knowlson reported that he and Cllr Dennis had after an extensive national search sourced a local and reputable company who had visited the village and conducted a site survey with Cllrs Knowlson and Dennis. Following this visit, a quote for ££5372.99 has been received to deliver and install 10 gates and 4 signs at sites agreed with Cllrs Knowlson & Dennis and to remove old or redundant signs. Although this is more than the original budget of 4K this figure was a best guess some 3 years ago and did not include new signage and redundant signage removable costs . The Clerk reminded Cllrs that as the purchase of the gates had not been the subject of 3 tenders then there would need to be a formal resolution "to waive financial regulations relating to contracts to enable a price to be negotiated without competition the reason being that the company to be used is local to the area, has a verified and long history of delivering high quality products at a competitive cost." After much discussion, Cllrs agreed the purchase of the gates as quoted and the resolution to waiver the need for 3 tenders as worded above. Proposed by Cllr Greenwood and seconded by Cllr Millard Agreed nem con Action: Cllr Dennis Future Projects for FY 19/20. Cllr Knowlson reported that at the January meeting he had asked Cllrs to start thinking about possible projects for FY 19/20 and beyond in order that they could be properly planned and funded. Following on from this Cllr Hartley suggested that Cllrs should pass ideas to him for collation and that he would present these to the September meeting at which point Cllrs could then decide which ideas to consult the villagers on for their views with a view to having villagers comments back in time order to a number of projects ready for inclusion in the budget for FY 19/20 and beyond. However, this does not precluded good quick win ideas being funding this FY. The timelines are as follows: Cllr Hartley to prepare the list of projects by the September meeting and then to push the list out for public comment and report back by the October meeting with costs to discuss priorities with Cllrs to agree these as part of the budget at the Nov meeting. Action: All Cllrs Xmas Big Brunch. Having considered who to appoint as lead Cllr and a date for the Big Brunch Cllr Millard volunteered to lead on the event and Cllrs set the date as 9 Dec 18 and allocated a budget of £1100.00 to the event. Proposed by Cllr Millard seconded by Cllr Knowlson Agreed nem con Action: Cllr Millard Bus Shelter Provision. Having considered the provision of a Bus Shelter at the Tidworth Road/Everleigh Road junction bus stop Cllrs agreed that this was to go into the future projects collation for FY 19/20. Complaints. No complaints have been received that had not been addressed. 1. 27.18 Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Thursday 6 September 2018. The meeting closed at 21.00 pm. Signed: Chairman: