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Minutes of Meeting 8th May 2014
COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD IN COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS PRIMARY SCHOOL ON THURSDAY 8 TH MAY 2014 AT 8.03pm Present: Cllr K Cockerton (Chairman), Cllr D Paterson (Vice Chairman), Cllr J Dowsett, Cllr D Dennis, Cllr R Haverson, Cllr J Barber-Starkey, Cllr F Dean, Cllr L Gomes, Cllr T Warren. In attendance: Mrs A Cockerton (Minutes note taker) and two members of the public. 1. 01.14 Cllr K Cockerton was re-elected Chairman of the Parish Council proposed by David Paterson, seconded by Rodney Haverson and carried unanimously. Cllr K Cockerton duly signed the declaration of Acceptance of Office. 2. APOLOGIES: Cllr N Williams. 3. 02.14 Election of Vice Chairman. Cllr D. Paterson elected Vice Chairman proposed by Keith Cockerton, seconded by Lucy Gomes and carried unanimously. 4. 03.14 MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING. The Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 27 th March 2014 having been previously circulated were agreed as a true record and were signed by Cllr K Cockerton Agreed nem con 04.14 MATTERS ARISING. None 5. 05.14 ELECTION OF COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Planning Committee Chairman - Cllr L Gomes Proposed by Cllr Dowsett, seconded by Cllr Cockerton. Cllr Dowsett agreed to help out as Chair of Finance & Property Committee for 6 or 7 weeks until he moves out of the village, with the possibility of handing over gradually to Tracey Warren. This was proposed by Cllr Cockerton, seconded by Cllr Paterson. 6. 06.14 DISCLOSURE(S) OF INTEREST AND GRANTING OF DISPENSATIONS To receive any declaration of interest by a member in relation to matters to be considered at this meeting, as defined by the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council on 12 July 2012 in accordance with the provisions of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider requests for dispensations. None declared 7 06.14a POLICING ISSUES. No report from the Police as a report was given at Annual Parish Meeting. Part of 10.14 was moved up the agenda so that the relationship between the A338 Action Group and the Parish Council could be discussed through open debate with Mr D. Booth and J Wyman of the A338 Action Group. The Parish Council confirmed its commitment to the Puffin crossing. 8. ADJOURNMENT FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS /QUESTIONS. The meeting was temporarily suspended at 8.25 to have an informal public discussion about the A338 Action Group. The Chairman expressed the concern of the Council that the tone of correspondence between the Action Group and Wiltshire Council was harmful to our working relationship with Wiltshire. The Action Group questioned village support for the Puffin Crossing and whether it was a priority. There followed a frank exchange of views. The meeting was resumed at 8.55pm. 9. 07.14 FINANCE REPORT Cllr Dennis gave the Finance report. It was highlighted that the current Clerk had been unable to prepare the end of year accounts and that Cllr Dowsett had drawn up an interim status of accounts for year ending 2013/14. Our current situation is that we have a healthy balance but monies for schemes have not yet been drawn and there are outstanding bills to pay. The Chairman suggested that Phil Gill should be contacted to see if he was willing to prepare accounts which can be audited. Chairman/Cllr Dowsett (The account has since been brought to balance with an excess of income over expenditure and a cash balance of £25229 once debtors and creditors have been taken into account.) 10. The Toddler Group has no bank account so it was agreed that the grant to them would be paid to the Village Hall for 20 weeks rent. No bank reconciliation was available. Annual Statement of Accounts not available and P Gill will be asked if he will produce a set. Statement of Assurance was approved. Appoint Internal Auditor for FY 13114 Cllr Dowsett will ask David Beaton if he is prepared to do it. Review risk assessment and insurance levels. No change in risk levels and insurance levels will be as Community First 3 year agreement. Cheque Signatories were confirmed as Cllrs Cockerton, Haverson and Dennis. No bills and cheques presented for payment. 10. 08.14 PLANNING REPORT Cllr Gomes reported that there was nothing to report. Cllr Warren reported that a listed property in Ludgershall Road was having some work done to it without planning permission and this was being looked into by Wiltshire Council. The Chairman thought if there was a planning dispute then the Parish Council should be told. He said he would write to Wiltshire Council requesting this. 11. 09.14 PROPERTY REPORT Bawden seem to be doing a good job so far on the green areas of the village. Cllr Paterson will check the contract with Bawden and he will be the permanent contact for the company. Plans for the play area are moving forward. Cllr Dowsett informed the Council the Cricket Club Agreement for the use of the Recreation ground is ready for signing. There has been no word from the Football Club. Chairman will chase. 12. 10.14 HIGHWAY MATTERS. Cllr Haverson presented his report. He highlighted that the A338 has major potholes that needed repair as does Everleigh Road after the flooding and these pose a threat to cyclists. Wheelie bins left on footpaths after emptying are causing problems. Some crews are more considerate than others. Because paths no longer appear to be swept, the accumulation of leaves is leading to slippery paths in wet weather. A338 Action Group had been formed with Mr Derek Booth as Chairman. Cllr Haverson reported due to ill health he wished to step down from his responsibilities for highway matters. Cllr Dennis was proposed by Cllr Haverson to take over the role seconded by Cllr Cockerton and unanimously approved. The meeting was informed that we have a replacement Steward Co-ordinator Nick Bancroft. Following our concerns in the open forum two resolutions were proposed; that the Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council confirms its support for the installation of a Puffin Crossing on the A338 at London House junction. It is hoped that the crossing can be installed during 2014 and the Parish Council will provide every support to Wiltshire Council in achieving this. Whilst appreciating the efforts of the A338 Action Group in influencing the volume, speed and type of traffic on the A338 through the village the Parish Council wishes to make it clear that the action group is entirely independent of the Parish Council. Both of these resolutions were proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Cllr Paterson and agreed unanimously. 13. 11.14 General Matters. The council was informed by the Chairman that there was a strong indication that the current Clerk will resign due to personal reasons. When a written resignation is received the chairman will start the process for finding a replacement. Chairman Feedback from the meeting with Wessex Water regarding sewage overflow and flooding in Everleigh Road. Wessex Water has been to the village, investigating the cause of so much flooding over the winter, particularly in Everleigh Road. Wiltshire Council has agreed that, should the High Street sewers overflow in the future, they will put in traffic lights to restrict traffic flow to the Bourne side of the road only. 100 Year anniversary of outbreak of World War 1. Cllr Paterson reported on the orchard and wildflower meadow being planted and on his liaison with the school on WW1 commemoration plans. The trees are doing well and Bawden know not to strim in the area where the poppies are seeded. A lottery bid is to be entered. Both Cllr Paterson and the Chairman attended a county- wide event. Parishioners Complaints The hedges and grass at The Knapp are too long. John Dowsett clarified the frequency of the grass cutting contract. This is believed to be private property and not the Councils responsibility. The same complainant pointed out that the bus shelter at the top of the hill in Tidworth Road has been removed following a few incidents of vandalism. The path between Collingbourne Ducis and Collingbourne Kingston is also very overgrown. Chairman will investigate and we may need to pay for an extra cut, Chairman A field at the top of Oxford Street has been ploughed up over the public footpath and an electric fence installed. It was pointed out that the farmer concerned does reinstate the public footpath subsequently across the field and sprays it to form a clear pathway. It was also considered that walking around the edge of the electric fence was not a major problem. The Parish Council will monitor this. 14. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Confirmed as Thursday 19th June 2014 at 7.30 pm. 15. DATES OF FUTURE MEETING. The Chairman will circulate provisional dates which can be agreed at the next meeting. The meeting closed at 9.25pm. Signed: Chairman
MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING HELD AT COLLINGBOURNE SCHOOL ON THURSDAY 8 th MAY 2014 AT 7.00 PM Present: Cllr K Cockerton (Chairman), Cllr D Paterson (Vice Chairman), Cllr J Dowsett, Cllr D Dennis, Cllr R Haverson, Cllr J Barber-Starkey, Cllr F Dean, Cllr L Gomes, Cllr T Warren, Wiltshire County Councillor Charles Howard, PCSO Rosie Smith, Mrs Lindie Rogers (Chair, Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall Trust), Mr Derek Booth (A338 Action Group) and 2 members of the public. Apologies for absence: Cllr J Mason, Headteacher, Collingbourne CE Primary School, Mr G.Hooper (Collingbournes, Chute & Everleigh Link Scheme). 1. Annual Report of the Parish Council. Keith Cockerton, Chair, presented the following report: The current Parish Council has now been in place for one year and it has been a steep learning curve for us all as the majority of councillors were new to local government. At our first meeting we lost our Clerk who resigned but did offer to see us through to January. We appointed a new Clerk in December but we end the year with no Clerk as it seems the current Clerk is unable to continue for personal reasons. It has been a year when the elements have not been to kind to us with high winds bringing down trees blocking the roads, houses losing power and telephone. Coupled with this was flooding due to heavy rain, particularly in Everleigh Road as well as some properties having to pump out water. The high street had a month of overflowing sewage resulting in the spraying of pedestrians. With the assistance of Simon Gilford (our Flood Warden) and with our Wiltshire Councillor Charles Howard chasing the relevant authorities the situation is being investigated and hopefully the future will see us less affected by heavy rain. The year has seen much positive work by the Council with support for local groups, such as the Scouts, Toddler Group and Football club. The youth shelter has been repaired and the new leases for use of the recreation ground have been drawn up with users. We have worked to meet their various specialist needs without them being a burden on the Parish as a whole. The children’s play area on the recreation ground has moved forward. We have consulted the village about what is required and where as well as setting aside funds and raising a £5,000 grant. Hopefully in the near future it will be a reality. It is the centenary of the outbreak of WW1 and your council has been working on the best way to commemorate this. Work has already started with the planting of the orchard and the wild flowers by volunteers and the school children. On your behalf I welcomed a new team vicar, at her licensing service, Rev. Joanne Reid. Jo has made her home in the village and we wish her every happiness here. We had started the term of the council with good news regarding the Puffin Crossing with the case for one proven to Wiltshire Council. Unfortunately we were knocked back by a lack of money. A full costing of the project is now being carried out and the feeling is that it will happen in the near future. A new contract has been negotiated for the grass cutting within the village with a local company, Bawdens of Amesbury. Once again the recreation ground hosted a very successful village show, for which the Parish Council provided the grounds and electricity free of charge. A good time was had by all and local organisations have benefited from monies raised. It looked likely that major planning decisions would have to be made concerning Station Approach and Bales Yard. There was a public consultation over Station Approach held by the architects. At the moment there has been no formal application and the Bales Yard one appears to be on hold. The voluntary litter pick was restarted and highlighted that the people can improve the village themselves and not just rely on the council. This spirit was duly recognised by the Tidworth Area Boards Community Awards with Simon Gilford receiving one for his selfless flood work and Karl and Lindie Rogers for their work in the village over 30 years. The new Council has tried to be transparent in its dealings, to listen to what the Parish would like to see and support its organisations. We have started a feedback email address so you can highlight concerns, we have revamped the website and created a diary of events on it. The council will strive to improve the parish and continue to make Collingbourne Ducis a good place to live. On a final note, there are vacancies on the Parish Council and if you are interested or know of someone who would be interested in becoming an active member please contact me or see me after the meeting. There were no questions from those present. 2. Summary of the Council’s financial performance for the year ended 31 March 2014. Cllr John Dowsett outlined the fact the figures presented were provisional but that the finances were in good shape with a healthy balance. It should be noted that monies set aside for projects had yet to be spent and some bills were left to pay. (The account has since been brought to balance with an excess of income over expenditure and a cash balance of £25229 once debtors and creditors have been taken into account.) 3. Head teacher’s Report from Collingbourne C E Primary School. In the absence of Mr Jeff Mason, Head teacher, Cllr David Paterson read the following report on his behalf. The school currently has 121 children on role. We have been over-subscribed again this September, taking in 17 new reception children. 8 of these children are in catchment. We will be losing 15 year 6 children at the end of this academic year. We are also, unfortunately, still turning away new children from all years from both our catchment and outside. In October 2013, the school was Ofsted inspected and the result came back as ‘Good’ with outstanding features. This was closely followed up in February this year by the Diocese National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools, which found the school ‘Outstanding’. All the Staff, Governors and children of the school are very proud of these results and feel they are well deserved. The school has invested heavily in its IT resources this year with infrastructure projects being undertaken to help support the advances of modern technology and bring the school right up-to-date. The infrastructure installed helped to lay the way for the instalment of Interactive Smart Whiteboards in the KS2 classrooms. This will enable the school to efficiently and effectively provide the new IT curriculum and be able to provide the children with excellent IT resources, including introducing touch screen technology into the classroom and computer programming. The schools has taken part in many activities this year including the Tesco’s Farm to Fork Trail, Planting Memories with David Patterson, we dressed as Mr Men and Little Miss’s to help raise money for Mrs Wigglesworth (Class 5 teacher) who ran the London Marathon for Children with Cancer, we took park in World Book day by dressing as our favourite literary characters, Elizabeth-Ann Reed (our Chair of Governors) and a host of helpers across the Ducis and Kingston Parishes cooked pancakes for all children and staff in the school and hosted an afternoon of pancake racing fun, Year 6 took part in the Pewsey Vale Tag Rugby Festival coming in at 6 th place, the year 6 pupils help a Walk, Run, Jog-a-thon to raise money for playground and PE resources, the children raised money for Barnardo’s by holding a cake sale and ‘guess the name of the bear’, the Year 6 children took part In the Hockey Festival at the Wellington Academy coming in third place, we raised money for Sports for you North by undertaking a sponsored fitness event, the children had great fun taking part in the Save the Children Christmas Jumper day, 2 fabulous performances of ‘A little bird told me’ we given by the KS1 children for their nativity play, 4 pupils from Year 6 were thrilled to be invited to the Houses of Parliament for a visit, the school hosted a festive family fundraising afternoon to raise money for school fund, we celebrated children in need by coming dressed in our pyjamas and finally, Year 6 took part in the Netball Festival at the Wellington Academy. All of the above is in addition to the following activities which happen every year, the children commemorated Remembrance Day at the Collingbourne Ducis Memorial with a prayer, the Monster Mash was very successful and popular raising lots of funds for the school, the carol service was once again held at St Mary’s Church, the Bun and Penny tradition continues on and the children entered produce from the school garden into the village show and won prizes! Cake bakes, celebration assemblies and bingo all continue too. A special note should be made for one of our pupils who is currently undergoing treatment for Leukaemia - all of the school wishes this pupil well and regularly sends letters, activity packs, balloons, teddy bears etc and have raised lots of money the Piam Brown ward where the child was being treated. The school was overwhelmed with the support given by the community and families of the children who attend the school. Luckily, there wasn’t any snow to affect the school this year, and even with the floods, the school was open as business for usual, and was the base point for storing the sandbag supplies. As always, the PTA have continued to be an amazing asset to the school in raising funds and supporting the school’s needs. We are truly grateful to them. As I write this report, we are preparing for the School Census, SATs week and are busy setting the new school budget, we’ll have a short half term break at the end of May before coming back for the final 8 weeks of school this academic year. It only seems like yesterday that we started back, but as you can see from all the activities that we’ve been involved in, and the wonderful results from our 2 inspections, we are teaching and developing our children to a high standard, whilst having lots of fun in between. We would like to thank Ducis Parish Council for their continued support of the school. Rodney Haverson raised an additional point of Pam Haverson’s gardening work with the children for the Village Show. 4. Report from Wiltshire Cllr C Howard. Cllr Howard presented his report and is shown below. General County Matters. The past year has been yet another one of good progress in many ways, of which I will mention some: Council Tax has been frozen for the fourth successive year, although there will be small increases of a few pounds per household this year to the amounts payable to the police, fire and rescue and the Parish Council . The Council’s achievement in holding the rate for a further year is remarkable because our Settlement Funding payments from Central Government have been reduced by about 9% and will reduce further next year. Despite this, we are still continuing to maintain front line services and invest in yet more care for the elderly and vulnerable people, improving our housing stock and spending extra millions of pounds on our roads to clear as much as possible of the backlog in repairs. With ongoing inflation at 2%, Wiltshire Council has had to find savings of £25 million this year to balance its budget. It is good to know that the Council Tax we will all be paying in the coming year compared to similar and surrounding councils is one of the lowest in the country. Links to the Wiltshire Council Annual Parish Report and the Wiltshire Council Financial Plan have been posted in full on the home page of the village website at www.collingbourne-ducis.com .The Annual Report is a six page document which covers all the main areas of the Council’s activities during the past year. On a personal note, I continue with my membership of four committees of Wiltshire Council, including as chairman of our local Eastern Area Planning Committee, and vice- chairman of the Wiltshire Pension Fund. I am now a Governor of the Wellington Academy. Local Matters. I have been involved in a wide range of issues of direct interest to Collingbourne Ducis during the past year, including: Planning applications and flooding in the village. Dealing with enquiries from members of the public on a wide range of problems. Supporting applications for grants from the Tidworth Area Board. Work on the traffic pollution and speeding on the A338. This continues, and current mitigation plans include: The Puffin Crossing. Funding of up to £10,000 has been obtained for a fully costed survey which will be used as part of an application to Wiltshire Council for a grant for the construction costs. This project has the full support of the Portfolio Holder for Highways at Wiltshire Council, and the results of the application will be known towards the end of this year. Discussions between Wiltshire Council and the Highways Agency about using signs on the main national trunk roads to encourage through HGV traffic to use the A34, and not the A338/A346 route through the Collingbournes are now in progress. In the past the Highways Agency has been reluctant to discuss these matters with Wiltshire Council, and the intervention of Claire Perry MP has been very helpful in getting a dialogue going There has been much recent debate about this subject, and I hope that at least all concerned now have a better understanding of the problems and what can and cannot be achieved to solve them. It has been a pleasure working with the Parish Council during the past year. There were no questioned raised and the Chairman thanked him for his report. 5. Report from Wiltshire Constabulary. Policing team report from Rosie Smith, new PCSO. Rosie presented a statistical report on last year’s crime figures. Derek Booth asked a question about the robbery of grass seed from Court Farm and Rosie responded that this would appear in a subsequent report. John Dowsett asked for clarification of ‘detection rates’ and Rosie explained that this meant there had been a result in terms of a crime being resolved and a course of action agreed. Keith Cockerton asked if there was any identifiable reason for certain crime rates changing dramatically and Rosie responded that this could be due to the targeting of attention on anti-social behaviour and the fact that groups of young people grow older and move on. There have also been proactive patrols at beauty spots. David Paterson asked about Rural Crime Initiative signs that he had seen around and Rosie explained that this was focusing on crimes committed by people passing through the county because of the ease of access by M4 and A303. Rod Haverson reported that he had taken in two stray chickens and a sign would be posted in the local notice board. Keith Cockerton said that, following a burglary at Garlands industrial area, the owners had been very unhappy with the call centre response. This has been reported and is being looked into. The chairman thanked them for taking the time out to update us. 6. Report from the Collingbournes Chute & Everleigh Link Scheme. In the absence of Mr G Hooper provided a report which was read by Jill Cockerton on his behalf. 2013 was a year of steady progress for your Link Scheme and I am proud to say that we have continued to provide the services that our neighbours have asked us to do, and that we have a successful team of volunteers. During the year we have been fortunate to add several more people to this team. The number of tasks has fallen slightly this year. This is mirrored by similar falls experienced by several other Link Schemes but overall, Wiltshire's Link Schemes travelled 992,379 miles during the year, and Link Volunteers gave up 179,244 hours to make this Good Neighbour Scheme one of the very best in the country. This success has been recognised by Wiltshire council, but due to the tight financial situation they have decided to stop paying us the 5 pence per mile Concessionary Fares Scheme payment. This makes the grants given to us by our Parish Councils, and by the Ducis and Everleigh Village Show even more important, and I would like to thank these organisations for their generosity. You keep us solvent and keep us moving and helping our clients. Friends of Savernake Hospital have also been generous in their support, and we have had generous donations from The Barleycorn, after their quiz nights. All our volunteers give of their time most generously too, and I would like to thank them all, on behalf of the Committee. It has been decided that all volunteers over 70 should be encouraged to sign up to the Sage Safer Driving Programme. The Link Scheme will pay the £36 cost of this driving assessment, which is not a test, but an independent assessment which can help to enhance the driver's confidence and enjoyment of driving. It is a one hour's . drive around our local roads, with a debrief at the end with the instructor offering suggestions to help your driving. It is intended to ensure safer driving. I would like to thank our Link Committee Members for the excellent work they do to make this Scheme work smoothly. Our Co-ordinator Team, Elizabeth and Jane seamlessly switch from one to the other and do their utmost to help all the clients that call our telephone number. Finally, thank to our volunteers, without whom Link could not exist. You are the good people who make it all happen. We are always looking for new volunteers so if you wish to help please contact me. 7. Report and Statement of Accounts from Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall Trust. Lindie Rogers brought us upto date with the following report. The 40 year Public Works Board Loan is repayable in 2014 and the CDVHT has recently deposited £25000 with Scottish Widows. This sum assures repayment will be possible in ten years time. Meanwhile the interest is paid twice annually. Our new treasurer, Lucy Gomes has taken us into 21 st century with an online for business facility with Lloyds Bank. It must be good because I can use it too!! We have agreed to hold and distribute the Ducis and Everleigh Show funds for a second year this year. Financially we are healthy thanks to a steady stream of income from regular hirers including the school, Pre school, Toddlers, table tennis, yoga, short mat bowls, cricket, football and occasional hiring for family parties, weddings as well as fund raising events. We are planning several large refurbishments over the next five years. We hope that this parish Council will look favourably on our applications for financial help with these improvements. The Chairman thanked Mrs. Rogers for the report. John Dowsett pointed out that receiving even small grants from the Parish Council can help with other grant applications. 8. Report from A338 Action Group Mr Derek Booth presented the A338 Action Group report which is shown below. At this juncture there is not much to report. There is plenty of inactivity from Wiltshire Council via Mr. Philip Whitehead. I have problems with this person and the email traffic between us have become repetitive and argumentative. I have, therefore, refused to correspond with this person, and I have informed the leader of Wilsthire Council, Jane Scott of this decision. Another member of the Group emailed Mr. P. Whithead and his reply was almost identical to the replies that he had sent me. In this email he mentioned, in addition a pelican crossing in Devizes and the introduction of a 30 mph speed limit in Baydon. We are not interested in Devizes or Baydon as we do not reside in these places. He appears not to accept the issues raised by the petition from July 2013. As our petition does not refer to pelican crossings it was referred to because I queried the Cost Effectiveness of the crossing in C.Ducis and that the Group are not 100% in favour of such a scheme, because of the cost involved. ACHIEVEMENTS 1. i asked the Councils Environment Department for a Pollution/ Air Quality Check Monitoring had not been carried out since the 1990's. They are going to monitor the air quality in C. Ducis from sometime this month for 6 months. 2. I attempted to obtain certain facts and figures from the era that the Speed Watch scheme was in force. I applied under the Freedom of Information Act. I awaited the customary 20 days. When I received the response email, I was informed that the records for the period that I had requested had become "corrupt" NO ACHIEVEMENT 3 (a) There has been an increase in the number of Police Speed checks. This is something very obvious, as whenever the Police are in the locality, everybody, apart from the odd few obey the speed limit. As soon as the checks have stopped, it's back to normal. Being, speeding, overtaking, using mobile 'phones. 3 (b) Use of unmarked Police cars. A, traffic count of HGV's was carried out, refer to attached appendix. The figures show the ACTUAL amount of HGV's that passed through along the A338. Further Information. 1. Wiltshire Council appear reluctant to give us positive answers to the issues raised by the petition. 2. SOLSTICE PARK, AMESBURY. MEGA SHED The Mega Shed will be operated by a company called, TJ. MORRIS as a redistribution depot. T. J. MORRIS are a North of England company and their operation will probably have an adverse effect on the A338 and its environs. The issue of the Mega Shed should be raised at the next meeting of the Tidworth Area Board. Charles Howard said that the traffic figures were in line with previous data. Dave Dennis asked about the possible impact of the ‘mega shed’ at Amesbury and it was generally agreed that this could have a serious negative impact on the road through the village. When the Co-operative depot was built at Andover, attempts were made to stop lorries using the A338 but, as no legal agreements were made, this was impossible. Charles Howard pointed out that the majority of HGVs passing through the village have business en route and only 26% are through traffic. Dave Dennis pointed out the degeneration of the bridges at the end of the Burbage by-pass and suggested that, should weight restrictions be introduced, this would have a beneficial impact on the A338. These bridges belong to Railtrack and to the Kennet and Avon Canal. 8. Written Resolutions. There being no resolutions to consider the Chairman thanked all the speakers. The meeting closed at 8.00 pm. Signed…......................................... Date...................... Keith Cockerton Chairman t