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Minutes of Meeting 30th October 2013
Present: Cllr K Cockerton (Chairman), Cllr D Paterson (Vice Chairman), Cllr J Dowsett, Cllr D Dennis, Cllr Haverson and Cllr Gomes. In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Clerk), Mrs T Warren. 1. Apologies: Cllr F Dean, Cllr N Williams Wiltshire County Cllr C Howard and Wiltshire Police. Absent: Cllr G MacDonald and Cllr J Barber-Starkey. 2. Chairman’s announcements: The Chairman drew attention to or spoke on the following: The revised website is now up and running and feedback would be most welcome. 3. 48.13 Minutes of the last meeting. The minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 12 September 2013 having been previously circulated were agreed as a true record. Proposed by Cllr Patterson seconded by Cllr Dennis Agreed nem con 49.13 Matters arising. None that do not appear on the agenda. 50.13 Declarations of Interest and dispensation requests: None declared. 5. 51.13. Policing Issues. In the absence of a Police Representative the Chairman read out a written report a synopsis of which follows: Priorities are: Speeding A338. For the next 3 months, traffic officers, response officers and neighbourhood police will be monitoring traffic from the roadside, in order to educate drivers regarding their speeds. Anyone interested in restarting Community Speed Watch in the Collingbournes, is asked to contact Tidworth Police. Thefts from Outbuildings. There has been a rise in the number of burglaries from non-domestic-dwellings, which include barns, farm buildings, farm offices, garages, and sheds. All targets share a common feature; they are some distance from residential dwellings. The police intend to work with farmers to improve preventative measures, and there will be frequent patrols by the Rural Crime Team, response officers and neighbourhood police. Occurrences have been as follows: At 6.50am on Sunday 15 th September, Fairmile, hare coursing, there were reports of Lurcher dogs and a dark coloured Peugeot 406 Estate heading towards the Hungerford Road. At 5.30pm on Monday 23 rd , in Spring Meadow, a resident found that the wheel nuts on her car had been loosened. Between 8.30am and 6.50pm on Tuesday 24 th , Church Street, dwelling burglary, offenders entered the house through an extension under construction, and stole cameras, laptops, a passport, a TV and a Kindle. Between 7.00pm on Thursday 26 th at 7.00am on Friday 27 th , in Everleigh Road, theft, a hen was stolen from a garden coop. At midday on Thursday 10 th , at the Recreation Ground by the school, anti social behaviour, a man was seen possibly photographing the play apparatus. He was described as male, white, swarthy looking, 5’6” with long dark hair, wearing scruffy clothes. At 10.00pm on Monday 21 st , fields by Chicks Lane, arson, an offender started a fire destroying £5,000 worth of straw; a man has been arrested. At 9.00pm on Monday 21 st , near Cadley Road, suspicious vehicle, a HI-AB flatbed lorry and Vauxhall Vectra car were seen in suspicious circumstances. Between 5.30pm on Monday 21 st and 6.30am on Tuesday 22 nd , Bourne Works, theft, offenders broke into a secure compound and took a pulveriser, value £20,500. At 4.00am on Sunday 27 th , at a racing stable, bilking, a taxi customer from Newbury made off without paying the fare. Having considered the report Members agreed that the Chairman was to write to the Wiltshire Police Crime Commissioner expressing the Councils concern at the rise in rural crime. Action: Chairman 6. Adjournment for public comments/questions: 7.40pm. Due to an administrative error Wilts Councillor C Howard belatedly reported that at the Cabinet Meeting on 22 0ctober it was decided after the consideration of 4 options to go ahead with Option 3, i.e. to increase spending on highways from £12.6 million to £21 million per annum for the next six years, with one caveat which is that if the Central Government Road Maintenance Block Capital Grant is reduced in future years it may be necessary to reconsider the programme when setting the annual County budget. The cost of this much increased spending on highways will be covered by Maintenance Grants from the Department for Transport and by bank loans over an extended period, taking account of current low rates of interest. He also reported that a meeting has been arranged on 11 th November at County Hall to discuss the A338 Petition. It will be attended by himself, Wiltshire Councillor John Thomson, the Cabinet member for Highways and the Deputy Leader of Wiltshire Council, the portfolio holder for Highways Councillor Philip Whitehead, Parvis Khansari, the Service Director for Highways and others. Wilts Cllr Howard will be reporting back to the Tidworth Community Area Transport Group (CATG) at their meeting later that afternoon, and a report will be made from the Transport Group to the Tidworth Area Board at their next meeting at the Phoenix Hall, Netheravon on Monday 18 th November at 7 pm. Another item which is due to be discussed at the CATG meeting on 11 th November, and brought forward to the Area Board for ratification on 18 th November is the proposal to go ahead with the detailed design work and costings for the Puffin Crossing on the A338 during 2013/14, in hopeful anticipation that a grant towards the cost of the rest of the project will be forthcoming from Wiltshire Council during 2014/15. The meeting reconvened at 7.42pm 7. 52.13 Finance Report: The Chairman of the F& P Cttee reported that the Clerk presented the Income and Expenditure report along with Bank Reconciliations produced from the accounts package and the latest bank statements. He informed Councillors that the cost of the new play area could be as much as £20K. The following cheques were noted and/or presented for authorisation as per approved contracts or IAW Standing Orders: 1st Clean Services (Bus Shelter x 4 cleans) £96.00. Grant Thornton (External Auditors) £120.00 Playsafety Ltd (RoSPA inspections) £166.68 Mr P Gill (Salary & Expenses) £664.80 HM Revenue & Customs (Tax & NI) £192.42 Proposed by Cllr Paterson seconded by Cllr Dowsett Agreed nem con Annual Return. The Members noted the conclusion of the audit for FY12/13 with the receipt of Annual Return with no comments made by the External Auditor and noted the posting of Audit Completion Notice on 22 September 2013. Precept. Members noted the receipt of the 2 nd half of the Precept for FY13/14 Budget FY 14/15. Cllr Cockerton reported that he had attended a Wilts Council lead briefing on the possible reduction in council tax support over the next 4 years he then explained the implications as he understood them. In effect it is very likely that Central Government will be reducing the amount of funding it gives to Wilts Council in Council Tax Support and as a result Wilts Council’s ability to give grants to Towns and Parishes in support of their precept will diminish to nil over time. As a result of this Wilts Council has requested that the PC complete a questionnaire on this subject which Cllr Cockerton agreed to draft and circulate to members for consideration with the final version being posted on the website. Following on from this the Councillors agreed in principle to raise the Precept for FY 14/15 by the potential level of loss of Council Tax Support from Wiltshire. Moreover, Councillors noted the requirement to fix a budget for FY 14/15Budget set a Precept at PC meeting in January 2013 and directed the F&P Committee to prepare a draft budget and corresponding Precept recommendation for FY14/15 for consideration by the full council at the January meeting. Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Paterson Agreed nem con Action F&P Cttee Chair Grant Application. The Councillors noted a late grant application from the Collingbourne Toddler Group and agreed in principle to make a grant of £250. 00 to be confirmed at the January meeting. Proposed by Cllr Cockerton seconded by Cllr Gomes. Agreed nem con 8. 53.13 Planning Report: The Chairman of the Planning Cttee reported that two Planning Applications had been put in since the last meeting, both concerning trees: 13/04546/TCA - Works to tress to improve health of trees at Red Roofs Sunton 13/04476/TCA – Removal of 30 Leylandii trees and a Norwegian Conifer at 93 Sunton Cottage. Having considered the above application Councillors agreed to not raise any comments. Proposed by Cllr Gomes seconded by Cockerton Agreed nem com The Chairman of the Cttee then asked that the Councillors to consider the delegation to the Clerk of responses to non contentious planning applications IAW LGA 1972 Sect 101(1)(a). Having considered the delegation Councillors agreed to make the delegation with the proviso that the Chairman of the Planning Cttee all vets applications prior to submission by the Clerk. Proposed by Cllr Gomes seconded by Cllr Paterson Agreed nem con Action: Cllr Gomes & Clerk 9. 54.13 Property Report: The Chairman of the F&P Cttee reported presented a property report covering the following: IT Equipment. As previously agreed the renewal process and timeframe for IT Equipment to replace existing equipment, the Cttee are awaiting the appointment of the new Clerk before moving to purchase the new equipment. Road Signs & Markings. Having discussed the proliferation of signs and markings in and around the village Councillors agree that the F&P Cttee was to conduct an audit and report back to the January meeting. Play Area. As mentioned earlier in the minutes the cost new play area could be as much as £20K and the various possible fund streams are being investigated. Village Hall Loan. The letter to Claire Perry regarding the ability to redeem the loan with no/reduced penalties is to be sent early next week. Asset Disposal. Cllr Cockerton outlined the need for an amendment to Finance Regulations to fix the value of “low Value Items” and the adoption of a policy to cover the “Disposal of Assets of Low Value”. Having considered both of these Councillors agreed to amend Finance Regulations as follows: “14.2 No property shall be sold, leased or otherwise disposed of without the authority of the Council, together with any other consents required by law, save where the estimated value of any one item of tangible movable property does not exceed £100.” And that the following policy was to be adopted with immediate effect: Assets of low value, that is, assets below the value defined in the Finance Regulations 14.2 shall be disposed of in accordance with the policy set out below. The Clerk will assess an asset’s value and will keep a record of this assessment. The disposal of assets above that value will be decided, as and when required, by a resolution of Council. The process of disposal of assets must be transparent regardless of the value of the asset and, to this end, assets will not be sold to members of staff or Councillors except through the public process. The disposal of any asset, fixed or in the form of an amenity, or portable equipment, must be subject to a process of public “sealed bid”. The "Offer for Sale by Sealed Bid” will be placed in the public arena through the use of the Parish Council Website, Notice Board outside London House and the ‘Courier’. There should be a formal date to view the asset/s and the closing date, which will be three weeks from the date of posting the notice. The sealed bids to be opened by the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Council and that process witnessed by the Clerk. The successful bidder will then be notified and the entire process published on the Parish Council Website, Notice Board outside London House and the ‘Courier’. The name of the winning bidder will be recorded but will remain confidential in order to comply with Data Protection legislation. The income derived from this process will be placed in the Parish Council General Fund. Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Dowsett Agreed nem con Action: Clerk 10 55.13 Highway Matters: Cllr Haverson reported the following: An apology for the lack of activity on his part since our September meeting as he had been indisposed for much of the time. Highway Repairs. So far the highway and footpath defects reported at the September meeting have not been attended to. Church Bends. Following Imogen Dallimore’s advice he has written to Councillor Mark Connolly to ask the Community Area Transport Group to consider the problem presented by heavy vehicles having to use the whole width of the highway to negotiate the Church Bends. He has suggested that there should be signs at each end warning of large vehicles in the centre of the road. Councillor Mark Connolly has indicated that it the issue will go before the CATG in November. Wheelibins. These continue to cause a problem to pedestrians, prams and wheelchair users. They block the footpath and are left out for long periods of time. Moreover, the collection teams are still not always putting the bins back where they collected them from. A338 Action Group. This has not been progressed since our last meeting; however the intention is to put a notice in the Courier asking for people to come forward to assist in calling a public meeting with a view to setting up an A338 Action Group. Action: Cllr Haverson TAB Meeting. Cllr Paterson then briefed Members on some of the highways issues that had been raised at the last TAB meeting of which the major ones had been covered in Wilts Cllr Howard’s belated report and Cllr Halverson’s report. Flood Risk. In the absence of Cllr Williams Councillors agreed to defer this item to the next meeting. Action: Cllr Williams & Clerk 11. 56.13. 100 Year Anniversary of Outbreak of World War 1. Cllr Cockerton briefed Councillors on a World War 1 projects meeting he had attended. It was clear from the meeting that there is a lot of funding available for activates and projects but certain criteria need to be met including a legacy element to any project. Having considered various ideas Councillors agreed that that a Working Group be set up to take ideas forward and that the working group include Cllrs Cockerton and Paterson and that a notice be placed in the Courier with a view to holding a public meeting to consider ideas for projects and activities and to recruit other members of the Working Group from the village. Proposed by Cllr Cockerton seconded by Cllr Dowsett Agreed nem con Action: Cllrs Cockerton & Paterson 12. 57.13 Co-option. Having considered an application from Tracey Warren and having confirmed that she had met the statutory (LGA 1972 Sect 79 & 80) eligibility requirements she was co-opted as a Member of the Council. The Clerk reminded Cllr Warren of the legal requirements to sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office (LGA 1972 Sect 83) before she can act as a Councillor and to complete a Register Interests Form on Wiltshire Council’s Website within 28 days of 30 October 2013. Action: Cllr Warren 13. 58.13 Replacement of Clerk. The Chairman informed Councillors that he had drawn up and circulated, by email, a draft job description, advertisement and application form for the Clerk’s position and requested that Councillors look at them as a matter of urgency in order that the post can be advertised from Friday 1 November with a closing date of 20 November 13. 14. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Thursday 2 January 2014 at 7.30 pm. The meeting closed at 21.35 pm. Signed: Chairman: