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Minutes of Meeting 30th May 2013
Present: Cllr K Cockerton (Chairman), Cllr D Paterson (Vice Chairman), Cllr F Dean, Cllr S Dean, and Cllr Haverson. In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Clerk), Julie Tremlin Wellington Academy and two members of the public. 1. Apologies: Cllr MacDonald and Wiltshire County Cllr C Howard. Absent: Cllr N Williams. Chairman’s announcements: The Chairman drew attention to or spoke on the following: The meeting had been called as a result of Wiltshire County Council accepting the case for a crossing and the Tidworth Area Board having given the “Green Light to the funding of £6000 towards the Puffin Crossing on the A338. It had been highlighted that the need for the Parish Council to consider making a contribution to the cost of the project would strengthen County Councillor Charles Howard’s case when presented to the Wiltshire County Council Finance Committee in early July. The Chairman on behalf of the current Council congratulated the previous Council on its efforts which had resulted in this successful outcome and in particular thanked Cllr F Dean, Mike Cox the previous Chairman, Ex Cllr Adrian Ahl and Wilts Cllr Charles Howard for their personal efforts and sought agreement from the Members to write to all concerned to thank them to which the Members agreed. The Chairman also sought agreement form the Members to write to thank the previous Chairman for his contribution as Chairman and Cllr to which the Members agreed. 3. 14.13. Acceptance of Office. Those Members present signed the revised version. Cllrs MacDonald and Williams have yet to sign. 4. 15.13. Co-option. Having considered applications from Mr Dowsett, M J Barber-Starkey and Mr D Dennis and having confirmed that they have all met the statutory (LGA 1972 Sect 79 & 80) eligibility requirements they were co-opted as a Members of the Council. They then all signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office (LGA 1972 Sect 83). One vacancy remains and anyone interested in filling should contact the Clerk. Proposed Cllr Paterson by seconded by Cllr Cockerton Agreed nem con 5, 16.13 Minutes of last meeting: The minutes of, the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 9 May 20123 having been previously circulated were agreed as a true record. Proposed by Cllr Haverson seconded by Cllr S Dean Agreed nem con 17.13 Matters arising. None that do not appear on the agenda 6. 18.13 Declarations of Interest: Cllrs Patterson and Dowsett declared an interest in item 27.13 regarding the Village Hall. Cllr Dowsett also declared an interest in item 23.13 regarding the Recreation Ground. 7. 19.13 Adjournment for public comments/questions: 7.40pm. Julie Tremlin Wellington Academy briefed the council on the programme of youth events this summer and that Collingbourne Ducis will benefit from this programme this year. She asked that the council waive the recreation fee and that the village hall trust does like wise. The council confirmed it will waive the fee for the recreation ground and that we would speak to the village hall trust. Two members of the public asked questions regarding the need for and cost of the Puffin Crossing and road safety issues on the A338. As the primary reason for calling this extraordinary meeting was to discuss the Puffin Crossing the Chairman led a long and very detailed discussion covering the pros and cons of the Puffin Crossing, speeding in the village and the increase in numbers and weight of HGV using the A338. The Chairman closed by summarising the discussion by saying that the Puffin Crossing was supported by the majority the villagers and that the best way o tackle the A338 issues was for a villager led Action Group to be formed. Members agreed to put this on the agenda for the next meeting. The Chairman thanked the two members for their forthright contributions to the discussion and encouraged other members of the public to come along to future meetings and make comment or ask questions. The meeting reconvened at 8.15pm 8. 20.13 Appointment of Committee Members to Finance & Property Committee and the Planning Committee. Noting that IAW Standing Orders the Chairman & Vice Chairman are members of all committees the Members agreed to appoint Cllrs as follows: Finance & Property Committee: Dennis, Dowsett and Barber-Starkey. Planning Committee: Haverson, Dennis and Barber-Starkey. Proposed by Cllr S Dean seconded by Cllr Paterson Agreed nem con 9. 21.13 Appointment of Committee Chairmen. The Members agreed to appoint Cllrs Barber- Starkey and Dennis as Chairmen of the Planning and Finance & Property Committees respectively. Proposed by Cllr Haverson seconded by Cllr Dowsett Agreed nem con 10. 22.13 Appointment of Representatives: Member for Paths and Rights of Way. Cllr Dowsett Member for Website, Internet and IT matters. Cllr Cockerton Proposed by Cllr F Dean seconded by Cllr Dennis Agreed nem con 11. 23.13 Finance Report: The Clerk presented the Income and Expenditure report along with Bank Reconciliations produced from the accounts package and the latest bank statements. The following cheques were noted and/or presented for authorisation as per approved contracts or IAW Standing Orders: Landmarc (Church Farm ROW) £35.00 Proposed by Cllr Cockerton seconded by Cllr Dennis Agreed nem con Village Show. Having considered waiving Recreation Ground hire fees for Saturday 14 September 2013 Members agreed to waive the hire fee. Proposed by Cllr Cockerton seconded by Cllr S Dean 1 Abstention Signatories. Having considered signatories on both bank accounts to include the removal of Mr Cox and Mr Risborough from the Scottish Widows Account Members agreed that Cllrs Cockerton, Williams, Haverson and be signatories and that that Finance and Property Committee should look for a more financially attractive account. Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Dowsett Agreed nem con Action: Chair F& P Cttee 12. 24.13 Planning Report: There were no applications to discuss however after brief discussion regarding receipt of planning applications by email Members agreed to maintain the status quo. As a result the Planning Committee Chairman has to contact Wilts County Planning at developmentmanagementeast@wiltshire.gov.uk to confirm the names and email addresses of the Committee Members and the Council’s preferred method for receipt of planning applications by the next PC meeting on 11 July 13. Action: Chair Planning Cttee 13. 25.13 Property Report: Recreation Ground. Having considered getting a swing & slide installed for this summer Members agreed that the time frame was impracticable and that the F&P Committee was to investigate the options and costs and report back to the Members at the next PC meeting on 11 July 13. Proposed by Cllr Cockerton seconded by Cllr Patterson Action: Chair F& P Cttee 14. 26.13 Highway Matters: Cllr Haverson reported that he and the Clerk had attended a Wiltshire Council “Streetscene” Workshop on 23 May which was both interesting and informative. Based on the briefing the revised work pattern and ethos aims to deliver a significant increase in service delivery. Cllr Haverson is due to meet with the Local Community Area Co-ordinator Imogen Dallimore to walk the ground with a view to identifying areas of immediate concern and areas that require action in the near to midterm. Action: Cllr Haverson Pelican Crossing. Cllr F Dean provided an update in that between them Wiltshire Council and the CATP are prepared to meet £79K of the £80K project cost and they have asked that the Council to consider contributing the remaining £1K. Having considered the update and taken into account the views expressed in the adjournment for public comment/questions Members agreed to contribute £1k to the cost of the project IAW Sect 274A of the Highways Act 1986. Chairman agreed to inform Wilts Cllr Howard of the Members decision. Proposed by Cllr F Dean seconded by Cllr R Haverson Agreed nem con Action: Chairman 15. 27.13. Councillor Training. Having considered requests from Members to attend Cllr training Members agreed attendance and directed the Clerk to vary the budget by increasing the training budget line (4110) from £200 to £500 and decreasing the insurance budget line (4135) by £300. Proposed by Cllr Haverson seconded by Cllr Dowsett Agreed nem con Action: Clerk Meetings. Having considered a previously circulated paper on the change of frequency of meetings Members agreed to move to 8 meetings per year plus the Annual Meeting of the Parish with effect from 1 January 14. Proposed by Cllr Paterson Seconded by Cllr S Dean Agreed nem con Action: Chairman Litter Pick. Having considered the re-instigation of community litter picks Members agreed that Cllr Patterson was to organise a litter pick in the autumn and spring of each year with effect from autumn 13. Proposed by Cllr Cockerton seconded by Cllr Dowsett Action: Cllr Patterson Village Questionnaire & Villagers Email Data Base. The Chairman had previously circulated to Members a draft letter covering both of these subjects and asked that Members review the draft letter and comment back to him ASP in order to finalise the letter. Members agreed that the Chairman should send the letter out to the villagers as soon as is practicable and put a précis in the Courier. Proposed by Cllr Patterson seconded by Cllr Dennis Agreed nem con Action: All Members & Chairman Village Hall. Cllr Dowsett briefed the Members on the Village Hall Trust’s intention to improve the kitchen and asked the Members to consider offering financial support in order to assist with the drawing down of other funding. Having considered offering financial support to the kitchen improvement project in the Village Hall the Members agreed to wait for the submission of a full grant application before making a decision. Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Baker-Stanley 2 Abstentions Action: Village Hall Trust Cllr Dowsett briefed the Members on the history of the payment and interest terms of the Public Works Board loan taken out by the PC on behalf of Village Hall Trust and of the Trust’s intention to try to pay the loan off early. The Clerk outlined the outcome of the last request submitted in March 2000 and early repayment premium of £19,705.51 which the Village Hall Trust deemed to be unacceptable at that time. Members agreed that Village Hall Trust should investigate the current repayment terms and report its findings to the F&P Committee for consideration. Proposed by Cllr Dennis Seconded by Cllr S Dean 2 Abstentions Action: Village Hall Trust Replacement of Clerk. Having considered the situation regarding the replacement of the Clerk Members agreed that this was a confidential matter and agreed to exclude the Press and Public IAW the Public Bodies Act 1960 and LGA 1972 SS 100 and 102. Proposed Cllr Dowsett seconded by Cllr Haverson Agreed nem con 16. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Thursday 11 July 2013 at 7.30 pm. The meeting closed at 21.45 pm.