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Minutes of Meeting 2nd January 2019
Present: Cllr Knowlson (Chairman), Cllr P Hartley (Vice Chairman), ,Cllr Greenwood, Cllr Millard and Cllr Cockerton, In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Clerk) 1. Apologies: Cllr Gomes, Cllr Dennis, Cllr Haverson and Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling Absent: None 1. Chairman’s announcements: The Chairman drew attention to or spoke on the following: The Planning application 18/08304/FUL for Saxon Rise has been called in and will go before the Wilts Council Planning Committee on 31 Jan 19. Cllr Millard has indicated his intent to stand down immediately after the 14 Mar 19 meeting. The Chairman expressed his disappointment at this news and thanked Cllr Millard for all he had done during his time on the Council. 1. 54.18 Minutes of the last meeting. The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 30 October 2018 having been previously circulated were agreed as a true record. Proposed by Cllr Millard seconded by Cllr Knowlson Agreed nem con 55.18. Matters arising. None that do not appear on the agenda. 1. 56.18 Declarations of Interest and dispensation requests: None declared. 1. 57.18 Co-Options. None received. 1. 58.18 Policing Issues. PCSO L George sent a report by email a summary of which follows: Burglary 30/10/2018 Collingbourne Ducis- Suspects have entered a property & taken items. 31/11/2018 Collingbourne Kingston- Report of ASB in the area, suspects letting off fireworks. 02/11/2018 Collingbourne Ducis- Suspects have gained entrance to a property. Criminal Damage 04/11/2018 Collingbourne Ducis - Unknown youths have caused damaged to village hall. This link will allow you to check stats in more detail for your area, and all surrounding areas. https://www.police.uk/ If you wish further detail please contact your local officers – PCSO Amy Jones & PCSO Luke George Email: amy.jones@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk & luke.george@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk The Chairman thanked PCSO George for his report. Cllr Cockerton agreed to attend the next Neighbourhood Police Team Meeting on 5 Feb 19. 1. 59.18 Adjournment for public comments/questions: 7.23pm No questions asked or reports submitted. The meeting reconvened at 7.24pm 1. 60.18 Finance Report: The Clerk had presented and circulated the Income and Expenditure report along with Bank Reconciliations produced from the accounts package and the latest bank statements, which the Cllrs accepted. The following cheques were noted and/or presented for authorisation as per approved contracts or IAW Standing Orders: 1722 Idverde Ltd (Grounds maintenance and Bins Oct 18) £527.60 (VAT £87.93) 1723 P Gill (Clerk's Sal & Exps Oct 18) £435.11 1724 HMRC (Clerk's PAYE Oct 18) £108.60 1725 JRC Cleaning ltd (Bus Shelters 12 Nov 18) £28.00(VAT £4.67) 1726 T Greenwood (WW1 Commemoration 11 Nov 18) £272.49 (VAT £0.82) 1727 SSE Ltd (Recreation Gd Electric 29 Nov 18) £26.00 (VAT £1.23) 1728 Idverde Ltd (Gds Maintenance & Bins 30 Nov 18) £527.6 (VAT £ 87.93) 1729 P Gill (Clerk's Sal & Exps Nov 18) £383.29 1730 HMRC (Clerk's PAYE Nov 18) £95.80 1731 K Millard (Xmas big Brunch 17 Dec 18) £798.44 (VAT £39.76) 1732 D Pawley (Clock Serving & Repairs 18 Dec 18) £180 .00 (VAT £30.00) Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Cockerton Agreed nem con. Defibrillator. Cllr Knowlson reported that the grant for £1639.50 had been received from the SSEN Resilient Communities Fund and proposed that that the Council purchase another defibrillator. Having considered this proposal Cllrs agreed to purchase another defibrillator. However, the location is to be confirmed by Cllr Knowlson. Proposed by Cllr Greenwood seconded by Cllr Millard Agreed nem con Action: Cllr Knowlson Speed Indicator Devices (SID). Having considered purchasing a SID Cllrs agreed in principle to purchase a SID at a cost not to exceed £2K and at that Cllr Dennis was to find a suitable SID. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Cockerton Agreed nem con. Action: Cllr Dennis Village Gates. Cllr Knowlson reported that a quote of £13,100.00 had been received from Wilts Council and the CATG had indicated by email to meet CATG will be contributing £9,100.00. with the Council meeting the remaining £4K. Having considered this Cllrs agreed to accept the Wilts Council quote and directed Cllr Knowlson to inform Wilts Council ASP and that he was to attend the next CATG meeting to confirm the payment arrangements and work start dates as the aim is for the gates to be in place by the end of this financial year. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Greenwood Agreed nem con Action Cllr Knowlson Projects for FY 19/20. Cllr Hartley reported that as result of his survey and further work he now had a list of projects to be considered for delivery in FY 19/20 and others for delivery in FY 20/21 and beyond. Cllr Hartley then briefed the Cllrs on these projects. After consideration Cllrs agreed that their preferred project for FY 19/20 was the provision of Outdoor Fitness Equipment on the recreation Ground at an estimated cost of £8K however this did not take into account any grant funding. Cllr Hartley agreed to carry out further detailed work and to look at possible grant funding. Proposed by Cllr Hartley seconded by Cllr Knowlson Agreed nem con Action Cllr Hartley Budget & Precept FY 19/20. Having considered and scrutinised in detail a draft budget prepared by the Clerk Cllrs having taken into account the decisions above to purchase a SID, Village gates and cost the of Outdoor Fitness Equipment Cllrs agreed to add £8k to the future project line (expenditure line 4232), raise the Donations and Grants from £500.00 to £2K , raise the General Maintenance from £1500.00 to £2K and to set the reserve at £18K. Cllrs then accepted the budget with these amendments. Cllrs then agreed that based on the amended budget the Precept for FY 19/20 be set at £22,073.65 This is an increase in the Precept of 2.3% on FY 18/19, which is in line with the Retail Price Index measure for September 2018 the figure used in accordance with normal Government practice. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Millard 4 for 1 against Action: Clerk Cllr Harley left the meeting in order to allow a family member to go to hospital. The meeting remained quorate. Grants requests. No requests received. 1. 61.18 Planning Report: The Chairman of the Planning Cttee reported that the following Planning Applications had been submitted since the last meeting: 1810500FUL Two Storey Extension at 8 Everleigh Road 18/10986/TCA Fell Group of Norway Maples at Semarak, Ludgershall 18/10776/TCA Reduce height of Yew by 10 - 20%shape. at 97 Sunton. 18/10377/TCA Proposal:- T1 - Horse Chestnut - Reduce two large lateral limbs by 2.5m, back to suitable growth points. Prune to gain 1m clearance from garage G1 - Row of Cypress, Sycamore and Ash - Fell to ground level at Little Bridge House, High Street. 18/10743/FUL. Two new timber stables measuring 58.5m x 10.5m and 55.5m x 10.5m at Herridge Racing Stables, Herridge, Collingbourne Ducis, SN8 3EG 18/10933/FUL Extension to building to provide a bedded area for the dairy cows. Sunnyhill Farm. 18/11789/TCA Proposal:- Dismantle 2 Leylandii & 17 by fenceline Beech x 5 - 50% Reduction. 1 Beech - Dismantle. London Plane - 25% Reduction & lateral removed at Victoria House, Sunton Having previously considered the applications above Cllrs agreed to raise no objections. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Cockerton Agreed nem con Action: Cllr Gomes 1. 62.18 Property Report: Play Area Safety inspections. Cllr Knowlson reported that the monthly inspection reports had not identified any new issues however, he is as yet to speak to the maintenance contractor regarding repairs to the ground on the Knapp and the possibility of laying safety matting and minor repairs to some of the play equipment. Cllr Knowlson further reported that he had a tentative plan for the remainder of the works, including the bench repairs, are to be carried out on a self help basis by a village works party in the spring of 2019. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson Seconded by Cllr Greenwood Agreed nem con Action Cllr Knowlson War Memorial. In the absence of Cllr Dennis, no report was offered on the getting of quotes for repairs to the War Memorial or possible grant funding. Action: Cllr Dennis Cricket Club. The Clerk referred to an email from the Cricket Club which he had received on 2 Jan 19, which he had circulated to the Cllrs prior to the meeting and asked the Cllrs if the were prepared to discuss the email to which the Cllrs agreed. Following discussion of the email, Cllrs agreed that the Cricket Club could remove the two trees on the inner ring right next to the Cricket nets and trim the tall fir trees in the corner with the proviso that all of the work will be carried out and paid for by the Cricket Club and on the basis that David Malley has researched and found all of these trees to be outside of the Conservation area and that there are no Tree preservation orders in place. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Millard. Agreed nem con Action: Clerk 1. 63.18 Highway Matters: Parish Steward Scheme. Cllr Cockerton reported that the scheme was still working well, but the planned work had been affected by a severe weather episode. He then proposed that it might be a more efficient use of the Steward's time to get him to concentrate on specific areas of the village on his visits with which Cllrs agreed. Once the next visit date is known Cllr Cockerton will contact Cllr with a view to identifying areas of work for the Steward. Action: Cllrs Cockerton Consultation of the Proposed Speed and Weight Limits. Cllr Knowlson reported that he is still awaiting some responses from other Parish Councils to the letter that he had written to other PC Chairmen that sit along the A338/A364 corridor regarding the increase in traffic flow, noise, pollution and safety risks with view to drafting a letter highlighting these concerns to be signed by all of the PC Chairs for sending to the local MP. Cllr Knowlson will now chase this up. Action: Chairman Footpath CD 29. The ownership of this footpath remains unclear as Wilts County Highways say they do not own it, yet the Wilts County ROW Officer appears to accept that Wilts County do own the footpath but have no funds to repair it. There remains no clear way ahead on this footpath, however, the Parish Council will investigate repairs in sections as part of the future projects considerations. With regards to the private hedge impinging on the free movement along the footpath opposite FP 29 as detailed in the minutes of meeting 30 th Oct, Cllr Knowlson has not yet communicated with the owner but will be contacting the owner shortly based on the recommendations made by Wiltshire County Council to trim the hedge back to the edge of the footpath furthest from the A338. Action : Cllr Knowlson. Cadley Road Traffic Calming & Speed Indicator Devices (SID). Cllr Knowlson reported that one idea that had been put forward by Wilts Council Highways was to have a "Virtual Footpath" on the road. After discussion Cllrs agreed to go ahead with this idea and Cllr Knowlson agreed to make a formal request to Andy Cole at Wilts Council Highways to have the footpath. Moreover, at item 60.18 Cllrs agreed to purchase a SID. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Greenwood Agreed nem con Action: Cllr Knowlson 1. 64.18 GENERAL MATTERS. Xmas Big Brunch Sun 9 Dec 18. Cllr Millard thanked everyone for their help and assistance in particular the Knowlson family. He reported that the Brunch had been a great success and had come in under budget. Although he will be standing down from the Council, he offered to assist with the organisation of the next Brunch. Cllrs thank Cllr Millard for his excellent organisation of the Brunch. Complaints. No complaints have been received that had not been already been addressed. 1. 65.18 Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Thursday 14 March 2019. The meeting closed at 21.05 pm. Signed: Chairman: