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Minutes of Meeting 27th March 2014
COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD IN COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS PRIMARY SCHOOL ON THURSDAY 27 TH March, 2014 AT 7.30pm Present: Cllr K Cockerton (Chairman), Cllr D Paterson (Vice Chairman), Cllr J Dowsett, Cllr D Dennis, Cllr R Haverson, Cllr J Barber-Starkey In attendance: Mrs D Gilford (Clerk) 1. APOLOGIES: Cllr N Williams, Cllr L Gomes, Cllr F Dean, Cllr T Warren 2. CHAIRMAN’S ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Chairman highlighted the need for a diary page on the Parish Council Website – to be actioned. Attention was also drawn to the vacancy on the Parish Council and highlighted that it would be nice to have someone from the South of the Village to stand. 3. 80.15 MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING. The Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 13 th February 2014 having been previously circulated were agreed as a true record and were signed by Cllr K Cockerton. Agreed nem con 81.15 MATTERS ARISING. None that do not appear on the agenda 4. 82.15 DISCLOSURE(S) OF INTEREST AND DISPENSATION REQUESTS: Cllr D Paterson disclosure of interest in Collingbourne Cricket Club. 5. 83.15 POLICING ISSUES. No report from the Police. Cllr K Cockerton to contact the Police to remind them of meeting dates. 6. ADJOURNMENT FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS/QUESTIONS: 19.31 – Simon Gilford (Flood Warden) reported on a Flood Support Forum meeting held at East Grafton on 21 st March – Chaired by Claire Perry MP and attended by Wilts CC, Thames and Wessex Water and interested parties from across the area. The main topics were issues of sewerage and insurance. Wessex Water were asked to solve issues in CD regarding sewage along the A338 as they had not reacted. Meeting with Wessex Water, Cllr K Cockerton, Wilts Councillor C Howard and Simon Gilford arranged for 4 th April in CD. 19.37 – Derek Booth (A338 Action Group) reported on researching minutes from 2010 covering de-priming considerations for the A338. Wilts Councillor C Howard commented that the results were overall inconclusive. Cllr K Cockerton stated that he is willing to organise an HGV count (proposed for a 24 hour period). Wilts Councillor C Howard suggested that this would not work as there is a need for entry and exit information for HGVs in order to give meaningful numbers. A338 Action group has now been formed. 19.50. Wilts Councillor C Howard reported on Council Tax. 5 th year in a row that there has been no increase in Wiltshire. Band D is £1220pa despite grant reductions of 9%. He also reported on the costs of the recent flooding - £3m for pothole repairs and £4m for dealing with flooding problems. 19.59 Cllr K Cockerton commented about security arrangements in Bourne Works, Garlands Estate, Everleigh and Hougemont Farm. Vic Wheeler replied that security gates and a dog patrol service were being utilised in all locations. The meeting reconvened at 20.00 7. 84.15 FINANCE REPORT/85.15 PROPERTY REPORT Cllr J Dowsett reported that the Collingbourne Cricket Club agreement had been circulated. A request for a 25 year lease agreement had not been approved. A rolling 10 year agreement, as at present, is suggested. A letter of support will be issued. Proposed by Cllr K Cockerton, seconded by Cllr D Dennis. Grass Cutting Contract – consensus that Bawdens be awarded the contract. This leaves a budget discrepancy of £500-600 with litter picking and minor grass cutting but bins not emptied within this figure. An informal approach to one of the other tender applications has been made with a meeting planned for Monday 31 st March. Need to investigate possible existence of Parish Council bins thought to have been previously located in the car park of the Tipple Inn. It was suggested that a monthly litter pick within the Village on a voluntary basis could be arranged. Publicised on the Notice Board and website, etc as litter pickers are needed. Cllr D Paterson to action. CD Village Hall loan to stand in place. CD Parish Council expect to receive £1,300. Play Area – the questionnaire worked well but will need to be followed up/pushed. Cllr J Dowsett circulated notes on funding, costs and the number of questionnaires received. Applications for Awards and Grant have been submitted. See report for full information. An application from St John’s Ambulance South West was considered. It was agreed no grant would be made. 8. 86.15 PLANNING REPORT No report presented 9. 87.15 HIGHWAY MATTERS Little remedial action has been recorded in the Village. Wheelie Bins still continue to be an issue on paths and pavements. Regular speed checks are now occurring through the Village with some success and prosecution thanks to the use of extra “Specials” hours to enforce speed restrictions. Problems were noted with the grit bin at the Knapp. Cllr K Cockerton to speak to Wilts Councillor C Howard. Cllr R Haverson reported that for health reasons he will have to give up management of the Highways Group. Cllr D Dennis will consider taking over the role – decision to be made at the next meeting. 10. 88.15 GENERAL MATTERS Cllr D Paterson reported that he had cleaned the Telephone Kiosk. It was suggested that plans to review removal should be considered. This is to be further discussed at a full meeting with the possibility of publishing something in the Courier. Cllr D Paterson reported an application regarding the grant for WW1 commemorative funding from Tidworth Area Board initially had gone astray but had now been found. .He also reported that the trees will be planted on the Recreation Ground on Saturday 29 th March. Wild flowers will be planted by CD Primary School Children on Tuesday 1 st April. Steel Signs have been contacted with respect to the production of a plaque. It is proposed that the Opening Ceremony be conducted on 4 th August 2014. An application to the Lottery Heritage Fund for £3,000 has been made. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Thursday 8 th May at 7.30pm The meeting closed at 21.10.