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Minutes of Meeting 15th March 2018
COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD IN COLLINGBOURNE PRIMARY SCHOOL ON THURSDAY 15 MARCH 2018 AT 7.00pm Present: Cllr Knowlson (Chairman), Cllr Haverson (Vice Chairman), Cllr Dennis, Cllr Gomes, Cllr Greenwood, Cllr Millard and Cllr Smith. In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Clerk), Wilts Cllr I Blair-Pilling. 1. Apologies: Cllr Hartley and PCSO Downham. Absent: None 2. Chairman’s announcements: The Chairman drew attention to or spoke on the following: Great to see the community pull together during the recent bad weather. He offered a big thank you to everyone who got involved, especially the Vicar, The Village Hall Trust Committee, The Tipple Inn Staff and many, many other people and organisations across the village. The litter Pick has been rescheduled for 10.00-1200 a.m. on Sat 24 Mar with Cllr Millard in the lead. Cllr Adam Smith has resigned for personal reasons - Cllrs offered Cllr Smith a vote of thanks for his efforts during his time as a Cllr and the Clerk reported that A Vacancy Notice had been posted on the Notice Board and that the Council there was now four Cllr vacancies. 3. 65.17 Minutes of the last meeting. The minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 4 January 2018 having been previously circulated were agreed as a true record. Proposed by Cllr Greenwood seconded by Cllr Knowlson Agreed nem con 66.17 Matters arising. None that do not appear on the agenda. 4. 67.17 Declarations of Interest and dispensation requests: Cllr Knowlson declared interest in planning application 18/02264/TCA. 5. 68.17 Co-Options. As no applications had been received for co-option, there remain four vacancies on the Council. 6. 69.17 Policing Issues. PCSO sent a report by email a summary of which follows: that Kier Pritchard will take up post of Temporary Chief Constable on Monday 5th March 2018. The boundaries of the Wiltshire East and Wiltshire South Community Policing Teams are being amended to improve the way local policing teams are managed. The changes are being brought into place from 2nd April 2018 and will see Amesbury and Tidworth move from Wiltshire East CPT to Wiltshire South CPT. Devizes, Pewsey and Marlborough will remain as Wiltshire East CPT. Current Priorities There are two priorities running at this time: one around theft from motor vehicles namely at beauty spot areas and the other from work vans. This priority is for the whole patch Amesbury/Durrington/Tidworth/Ludgershall. To date 68 actions have taken place around these priorities. Target Patrols Due to reports of anti social behaviour on the 16th February in Zouch Farm Road and Arnott Close, patrols will target those areas. To date 11 patrols/Actions have taken place. Local Crimes 28th Feb – Burglary non Dwelling - Window smashed at a school and torch light was seen inside the room. Nothing appears to have been taken at this time. – Investigations ongoing. Between the 3rd and 5th Feb – Burglary - Unknown suspect/s have gained access to the IP's rear garden shed by unknown means and taken a STIHL MULTI TOOL and attachments TVO £1110 and made off. – Filed on first submission. Farewell from PCSO Downham. Noting that my last day will be 18th March 2018, I would like take this opportunity to say thank you and farewell to everyone. As most of you are now aware, I am hanging up my walking boots as your PCSO to take up a position as a call taker in the control room at our Headquarters in Devizes. I have worked in the Tidworth area for the last 12 years and have enjoyed working with you all and keeping you updated with local crimes in your area. I will be sad to go but have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and hope that I have contributed in some way to keeping your streets safe by providing a visible presence. My area started small with me covering just Tidworth when I first joined in 2006. I then became the PCSO for Ludgershall in 2007, which then became Ludgershall and Rural covering Everleigh, Collingbournes and The Chutes. A few years later, I also took on responsibility for Netheravon, Enford and Fittleton areas. I have attended many fetes and will leave with some very fond memories although I will never do a tug of war again. It hasn’t always been fun. I have attended some jobs which I would rather forget and been stood at road closures or directing traffic in all types of weather for hours. So I am looking forward to a nice warm office for a change. Finally, I would just like to thank you all for making me feel welcome in your villages and towns. I can truly say I have felt part of your communities. The Chairman thanked PCSO Downham for her diligence and support during her 12 years service. 7. 70.17 Adjournment for public comments/questions: 7.15pm Wilts Council Blair-Piling reported that the Wilts Council budget is on course to be in balance by the end of the current FY. The Social Levy and Council Tax are to rise by 3% and 2.9% respectively. However, there is no plan to reduce services. He continues to do his best to ensure that the Everleigh HRC site does not close or face a reduction in the services offered. He wished to congratulate all concerned in responding to the difficulties caused by the recent severe weather. He indicated that it would be best for the Council to hold fire on any detailed work on General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as Wilts Council is seeking clarification on the requirement of Parish Councils to comply. The lead Salisbury incident is currently with National agencies with the Council working with Government on Recovery Plans. There is to be a Meeting of The Salisbury Area Board this evening. He is preparing an article for the Courier covering his first 11 Months in office. He then answered some difficult and challenging questions from Cllrs regarding a number of issues and asked Cllrs to ensure that issues were reported via the Wilts Council Reporting App and that reports be supported by photographs. He said that if Cllrs are not satisfied by Council Officers' responses to their reports then the issue should be escalated to him for challenge to the appropriate Council Officer. The Clerk agreed to find out about the Wilts County procedures in place for snow clearance and Cllr Greenwood agreed to challenge the response to a request for the remarking of the roundabout outside the Tipple Inn in that the degrading of the marking has not yet reached 80%. Action: Cllr Greenwood & Clerk The meeting reconvened at 7.45pm 8. 71.17 Finance Report: The Clerk had presented and circulated the Income and Expenditure report along with Bank Reconciliations produced from the accounts package and the latest bank statements, which the Cllrs accepted. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Haverson Agreed nem con. The following cheques were noted and/or presented for authorisation as per approved contracts or IAW Standing Orders: 1659 Mr P Gill (Salary & Expenses 8 Jan 18) £364.13 1660 HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE & NI 8 Jan 18) £91.00 1661 Idverde Ltd (Grounds Maintenance and Repairs 29 Jan 18) £1225.50 (VAT £209.25) 1662 Idverde Ltd (Grounds Maintenance 31 Jan 18) £527.60 (VAT £87.93) 1663 Mr P Gill (Salary & Expenses 7 Feb 18) £364.13 1664 HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE& NI 7 Feb 18) £91.00 1665 JRC Cleaning (Bus Shelters 21 Feb 18) £28.00 (VAT £4.00) 1666 Idverde Ltd (Grounds Maintenance 28 Feb 18) £527.60 (VAT £87.93) 1667 Mr P Gill (Salary & Expenses 7 Mar 18) £364.13 1668 HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE & NI 7 Mar 18) £91.00 1669 P Knowlson (Black Bags for litter pick 28 Feb 19) £5.97 (VAT £1.00) 1670 Idverde Ltd (Grounds Maintenance and Repairs 28 Feb 18) £255.02 (VAT £42.50) Proposed by Cllr Haverson seconded by Cllr Greenwood Agreed nem con Clerk’s Terms & Conditions of Service. Having considered increasing the Clerk's salary level from Spinal Point 25 to 26 in line with his contract and to increase his expenses in line with inflation Cllrs agreed to both rises to be effective from 1 Apr 18. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Dennis Agreed nem con Action: Clerk Burial Ground. Having reviewed the Burial Ground Fees the Cllrs agreed to raise the fees by circa 3% for FY 18/19. Proposed by Cllr Greenwood seconded by Cllr Dennis Agreed nem con Action: Clerk Grants. No applications received 9. 72.17 Property Report: Play Area Safety inspections. Cllr Knowlson reported that all the equipment was in good working order however, litter and general debris was an issue on the Knapp Play area. Cllr Millard agreed to include this area in the litter pick scheduled for Sat 24 Mar. Dog Poo on the Recreation Ground was discussed and Cllrs agreed that Cllr Dennis was to contact the Dog Warden with a view to the Warden conducting a patrol of the Recreation Ground and Cllr Gomes agreed to investigate the procurement of "Dogs on Leads" and "This is not a Dog Poo Area" posters/signs. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson Seconded by Cllr Dennis Agreed nem con Action: Cllrs Millard, Gomes & Dennis 10. 73.17 Planning Report: The Chairman of the Planning Cttee reported that the following Planning Applications had been submitted since the last meeting: 18/00159/TCA. Works to trees - T1 T4 T5 & T6 - Apple trees - fell: T2 - Hawthorn tree - reduce by 50%: T3 - Unspecified deciduous tree - fell at Summerdale Cottage SN8 3EQ. 18/00719/FUL. Proposed rear conservatory at The Willow, Ludgershall Road. 18/00983/TCA. Works to trees in CA at Redroofs Sunton. 18/00650/LBC. Amendments to 14/07843/LBC at Sutton Cottage. 18/01336/TCA Work to Trees in a CA G1 - Group consisting of one Maple and one Cherry - Maple tree - crown reduce by 2m & prune to suitable growth points Cherry tree - reduce canopy by 3m & prune to suitable growth points at The Willow, Ludgershall Road, 18/02264/TCA. Work to Trees in a C A - Sycamore tree - fell at Chestnuts House, 55 High Street, Cllrs considered the applications and having noted Cllr Knowlson's interest they agreed not to raise any objections or comments. Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Haverson. Agreed with one abstention. Action: Cllr Gomes 11. 74.17 Highway Matters: Consultation of the Proposed Speed and Weight Limits. The Chairman reported that he still had to write a letter Wilts Council and the local MP regarding the long term future of the A338 and the development of a cohesive strategy and that he would struggle to find the time to do so in the very near future. After discussion, Cllrs agreed that Cllr Greenwood was to draft a letter for circulation to the Cllrs for comment and that the final version was to go out under the Chairman's signature. Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Millard. Agreed Nem con Action: Cllr Greenwood & Chairman Parish Steward Scheme. Cllr Greenwood reported he and Cllr Dennis differed in their views as to how well the scheme was working with Cllr Greenwood and Cllr Dennis less satisfied. At this point Cllrs noted that the scheme was on hold as all Parish Stewards had redeployed by Wilts Council to deal with higher priority issues resulting from the recent severe weather. Following discussion of the tasking of the Steward the Clerk reminded Cllrs that he had distributed an email to Cllr greenwood containing a list of suitable Steward Tasks and an Excel spreadsheet on which to record tasking and outcomes. The Clerk agreed to redistribute the list and Spreadsheet to all Cllrs and Cllrs Greenwood and Dennis agreed to make use of the list, to populate the spreadsheet, and to circulate it to Cllrs for comment. Action: Cllrs Clerk & Cllrs Greenwood & Dennis Footpath CD 29. Cllr Knowlson reported that the Senior ROW Officer at Wilts Council has recently visited site again and this time with a contractor who he have asked to provide a quote for the work. However, the quote is still awaited and it is almost certain that the Parish Council will be asked to contribute to the cost of repairs. Action: Cllr Knowlson Footpath Request. Cllr Knowlson reported that he had visited the villager who requested that a footpath made near her home to allow her safe access to the village amenities and had raised it to Wilts Council as the land owners but they had no funds to carry out the work. However, Cllr Knowlson had been in contact with The Ludgershall "Men's Shed" Group who may be able to carry out the work. Action: Cllr Knowlson 12. 75.17 GENERAL MATTERS. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Cllr Gomes reported that she had done a lot of work in preparation of the implementation of the GDPR however, given Wilts Cllr Blair-Piling's comments regarding holding fire on any detailed work Cllrs agreed to hold fire and to thank Cllr Gomes for her work to date. Village Gates. Cllr Dennis reported that the gates would not be purchased in FY 17/18 due to regulation compliance and land ownership issues. However, he has identified a locally based firm who are experts in this field and he is expecting to meet with them in the week staring 19 Mar 18 in order to arrange a site survey and subsequently a quote for the gates. Moreover, the Clerk informed Cllrs that if the cost were over a £3k then Cllrs would need to resolve to waive financial regulations relating to contracts to enable a price to be negotiated without competition. Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Millard Agreed Nem con Action: Cllr Dennis Defibrillators. Cllr Knowlson briefed Cllrs on the current situation as to the location of Defibrillators at each end of the Village and that there was an identified need for one at the Village Hall. To that end, he had conducted an internet trawl and identified a suitable supplier who came highly recommended by many users. The cost would be in the region of £1366.25 + VAT and he was investigating if a grant could be available from the SSE Resilience Fund with a deadline for applications to be submitted by 16 May 18 with awards being made by Nov 18. He held a view that the Village Hall Trust would be amenable to meeting the installation and electricity running costs with the Council meeting any ongoing routine maintenance costs. Moreover, he would be writing to Village Hall users requesting financial contributions to the purchase price of the Defibrillator. The Clerk reminded Cllrs that the purchase had not been budget for in the FY 18/19 budget but there would be sufficient funds in the reserve if needed. Cllrs agreed that Cllr Knowlson was to take the idea forward and to report to the May meeting. Proposed by Cllr Millard seconded by Cllr Haverson. Agreed nem con Action: Cllr Knowlson Future Projects for FY 19/20. Cllr Knowlson reported that at the January meeting he had asked Cllrs to start thinking about possible projects for FY 19/20 and beyond in order that they could be properly planned and funded; however, to date his request had met with little response and encouraged Cllrs to put their minds to this request. Action: all Cllrs November PC Meeting. The Clerk requested that the Nov PC meeting be moved to Wed 30 Oct 18 to which Cllrs agreed. Action: Clerk Complaints. No complaints have been received. 13. 76.17 Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Thursday 10 May 2018 with the Annual Parish Meeting starting at 7.00 pm to be followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council. The meeting closed at 21.05 pm. Signed: Chairman: