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Minutes of Meeting 12th September 2013
Present: Cllr D Paterson (Vice Chairman), Cllr J Dowsett, Cllr D Dennis, Cllr Haverson and Cllr N Williams. In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Clerk), Wiltshire County Cllr C Howard, PCSO A Heath and six members of the public. 1. Apologies: Cllr K Cockerton (Chairman), Cllr G MacDonald Cllr J Barber-Starkey. Absent: Cllr F Dean, Cllr S Dean 2. Chairman’s announcements: With Cllr Paterson in the Chair he drew attention to or spoke on the following: The absence on holiday of the Chairman and confirmed that the meeting was quorate. Fowler associates would be addressing the meeting in the adjournment for public comments/questions. 3. 39.13 Minutes of the last meeting. The minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 11 July 2013 having been previously circulated were agreed as a true record. Proposed by Cllr Haverson seconded by Cllr D Dennis Agreed nem con 40.13 Matters arising. Item 38.13. Gritbox. Cllr Haverson agreed to follow up on a replacement. 4. 41.13 Declarations of Interest and dispensation requests: None declared. 5. 42.13. Policing Issues. PCSO Heath offered apologies for PS Phipps and PC Noyce who were conducting an interview. He then reported on those incidents that had been reported since the last meeting including, Hare Coursing and damage to farm land, theft of 2 chickens, damage to a garden shed and a non dwelling burglary. The Cllrs and members of the public raised the issue of speeding through the village to which PCSO Heath responded by saying that reduction of speeding in the Tidworth Community Area was to be treated as a priority. 6. Adjournment for public comments/questions: 7.55pm. A representative of Fowler associates addressed the meeting on the outline of proposals for the development of land at Station Yard and answered a number of questions from the Cllrs and members of the public. The representative thanked the meeting for allowing its time and said that the next stage would be the holding of a public meeting to explain the proposal and to test public opinion. A Member of the public raised a concern regarding the damage being caused by a the roots very large Cherry tree in Bourne Rise which Cllr Haverson agreed to take up with Imogen Dallimore at Wilts Council. Wilts Councillor C Howard reported on the approved Wiltshire Council Business Plan for the period up to the next Council elections in May 2017. The Business Plan sets out the key actions that the Council will deliver over the next three to four years, and are in line with the Conservative Group’s manifesto for the Wiltshire Council elections which took place last May. The three priorities are: To protect those who are most vulnerable. To boost the local economy. To bring communities together to enable and support them to do more for themselves. The full draft business plan may be viewed at: http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/draft-2013-2017-business- plan.pdf He then reported on two other major and important pieces of planning work are nearing completion. They are: The local Tidworth Community Area Plan 2013-2026 which can be viewed at: http://www.tidworthcommunityarea.info/images/stories/Tidworth/tcaplan2013-2026draftv2.pdf The TCAP Community Area Plan is closely connected to the emerging Wiltshire Council Core Strategy, as below. The Wiltshire Core Strategy 2013-2026 which sets out the plans for the whole county for the next 13 years. The emerging Core Strategy is at the final examination stage before adoption which is expected to be in January 2014. Details at: http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/planninganddevelpment/planningpolicy/wiltshirecorestrategy.htm He encouraged Cllrs to attend the next TAB meeting to be held on Monday 16 September as there are a number of Collingbourne Ducis specific issues on the agenda in particular the funding of the Pelican Crossing. He also informed Cllrs that is would be his intention to post on the PC’s Website an update on the A338 issues. The Chairman thanked Wilts Council Cllr Howard, the Fowler Associates representative and the members of the public for having taken the time to attend and for their input. The meeting reconvened at 8.35 pm 7. 43.13 Finance Report: The Chairman of the F& P Cttee reported that the Clerk presented the Income and Expenditure report along with Bank Reconciliations produced from the accounts package and the latest bank statements. The following cheques were noted and/or presented for authorisation as per approved contracts or IAW Standing Orders: Mr P Gill (Postage) £6.95 RBS Software (Accts Package Support) £128.80 Mr P Gill (Verio Domain Name) £7.62 WALC (Cllr Trg course x 2) £204.00 Southern Electric (Recreation Ground) £27.51 Mr P Gill (Salary & Expenses) – £664.80 HM Revenue & Customs (Tax & NI) £166.20 Proposed by Cllr Paterson seconded by Cllr Williams Agreed nem con Annual Return. The Clerk informed Councillors that the Annual Return remains to be considered by the External Auditor. Budget FY 14/15. Councillors noted the requirement to present FY 14/15Budget and Precept recommendation for consideration at PC meeting in January 2013 and directed the F&P Committee to prepare a draft budget and corresponding Precept recommendation for FY14/15 for consideration by the full council at the November meeting. Action F&P Cttee Chair Collingbourne FC. Having considered a request from Collingbourne FC for a grant to cover the Recreation Ground hire fees and a positive recommendation from the F&P Cttee Councillors agreed to waive the hire fees for the 2013/214footbal season in order to help the team establish itself. Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Haverson. Agreed nem con Action F&P Cttee Chair Clerk’s Salary. Councillors noted the increase in Clerk’s Salary in line with 2013/14 National Salary Award for Local Council Clerks. Precept. Councillors noted the 2nd half of Precept is due in to be received in late September. 8. 44.13 Planning Report: The Chairman of the Planning Cttee reported on the Cttee meetings (minutes previously circulated) held since the last full council meeting. However due to a misunderstanding no planning report was presented. 13/03077/TCA. Remove lowest limb of Yew tree at 97 Sunton SN8 3DZ. Having considered the application Councillors agreed to not raise any comments. Proposed by Cllr Gomes seconded by Cllr Haverson Agreed nem com Action: Clerk Proposed Development at Station Yard. The Councillors noted that they had been addressed during the adjournment for public comments/questions on the outline of proposals for the development of land at Station Yard and had concurred with Fowler Associates that it would be prudent to hold a meeting to brief the Villagers on the proposals. 9. 45.13 Property Report: The Chairman of the F&P Cttee reported on the Cttee meetings (previously circulated) held since the last full council meeting and presented a property report covering the f ollowing: Village Hall Loan: Draft letter to Claire Perry regarding the ability to redeem the loan with no/reduced penalties. Meeting booked with Colin Brown at Wiltshire Council to look into the placement of the swings/slides on the recreational ground, in addition to types of equipment, costs and help with funding. Dog Fouling: Cllr Cockerton has written an article in the Courier, advising that the PC will look to have the law enforced if residents are still continuing not to pick up after their dogs. Collingbourne FC and Cricket club meeting: further meeting to be called to agree on the proposed terms, with regards to costs of the usage of the recreational ground and its general upkeep. Cllr Dennis and Cllr Dowsett have undertaken a reconciliation of the specification of the contracts for the grass cutting, ROSPA and the war memorial. Invites for the tender to be sent out to 3-4 contractors including the incumbent by the end of September in order that the known cost be included in the draft budget to be presented to the next PC meeting. Proposed by Cllr Paterson seconded by Cllr Dowsett Agreed nem con IT equipment. Having considered the renewal process and timeframe for IT Equipment Cllrs agreed that the F&P were to investigate the replacement of the existing equipment in order that the new equipment is in place prior to the employment of the new Clerk and the as the existing equipment has little or no value that it be gifted to the outgoing clerk. Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Paterson. Agreed nem con Action: F&P Cttee Community Days Scheme. Having considered a letter from Wilts Council regarding the Community Days Scheme Cllr Paterson agreed to organise a village litter pick in October with a view to gaining assistance from Wilts County under this scheme. Action: Cllr Paterson Assets. Having considered the process for disposing of assets surplus to requirement Cllrs agreed that the F&P Cttee identify the surplus assets and offer them for sale via an advertisement in the Courier. Proposed by Cllr Paterson seconded by Cllr Gomes. Action: F&P Cttee Hedgerows. Having considered actions to have overgrown hedgerows trimmed Cllrs agreed that this would best be done by Cllr Paterson referring to the issue in his report to be published in the Courier. Action: Cllr Paterson War Memorial. Cllr Dennis informed Cllrs that he had a preliminary discussion with local stone Masons regarding the refurbishment of the lettering on the War Memorial during which it came to light that the Memorial could be in danger of falling over due to subsidence. Cllrs agreed that the F&P investigate the costs to have the Memorial righted and the lettering replaced as a matter of urgency. Proposed by Cllr Dowsett Seconded by Cllr Gomes. Agreed nem con Action: F&P Cttee 10 46.13 Highway Matters: Cllr Haverson reported the following: Everleigh Road between the A338 and the entrance to Sunnyhill is still badly potholed and poses a potential threat to two wheeled traffic and requires urgent attention. He has contacted Imogen Dallimore (County Highways) about this and it is on the list to be done. Footpath A338 – Cadley Road junction to Victoria House still in a poor state to the extent that it makes it unsafe. This too is on the list. Church Bends. During a walk through the Village with Imogen Dallimore the problem presented by heavy vehicle having to use the whole width of the highway to negotiate the Church Bend was discussed. He suggested that there should be signs at each end warning of large vehicles in the centre of the road and she has confirmed that a request has to be made through the Community Area Transport Group (CATG). Cllr Haverson agreed to make the request. Action: Cllr Haverson Wheelibins. These continue to cause a problem to pedestrians, prams and wheelchair users. They block the footpath and are left out for a long period of time. Moreover, the collection teams are not always putting the bins back where they collected them from. Last week one bin which had been put out correctly, was dumped back in the middle of the footpath. The public right of way (CDUC29) footpath that runs beside the Bourne, from Littlebridge House to Everleigh Road. He has received a number of complaints about the state of this footpath which he has passed to Wiltshire Council’s Rights of Way Department. A338Working Group. Cllr Haverson report that he has taken no action as yet but his intention is for an article to go in the Courier and for a leaflet drop in the village prior to the holding of a public meeting. Cllrs agreed that it would be sensible to hold the public meeting in conjunction with the proposed public meeting to be held regarding the development of land at Station Yard. Puffin Crossing. Cllrs noted that the crossing had failed to attract funding from Wiltshire Council as it was rated twelfth out of fifteen on the Substantive Highway Scheme Bid Scoring. However, both the PC’s and Wilts Cllr Howard’s intention is to keep fighting for the crossing. 11. 47.13. Letter to Villagers. In the absence of Cllr Cockerton no report was offered. Replacement of Clerk. Cllr Dennis informed Cllrs that the Selection Cttee has agreed to draw up a job advertisement to be placed in the courier and on the PC notice board in the very near future. 12. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Wednesday 30 October 2013 at 7.30 pm. The meeting closed at 21.30 pm.