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COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING AT 7.00 pm. ON TUESDAY 12 JANUARY 2021 Present: Cllrs P Knowlson (Chairman), K Cockerton (Vice Chairman), D Dennis, S Batley, L Gomes, S lyons and M Arnold. In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Clerk) and Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling. 1. Apologies. Cllr J Wood and Wilts Cllr C Williams. 2. 62.20. Chairman’s Announcements. The Chairman welcomed everyone and then announced or spoke on the following: the COVID -19 impact on the functioning of the Council and the mitigation that has been put in place to reduce the impact. 3. 63.20 Declarations of Interest and dispensation requests. Cllr Cockerton had previously declared a pecuniary interest in item 70.20. 20/09952/TCA. 4. 64.20 Co-Options. None received. 5. 65.20 Minutes of the last meeting. Having reviewed the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 26 October 2020 Cllrs RESOLVED to accept the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting and for the Chairman to sign them as soon as was practicable. Action: Chairman & Clerk 66.20. Matters arising. None that do not appear on the agenda. 6. 67.20 Police Report and Policing Issues. No crime reports relevant to Collingbourne Ducis. However, across the area there have been 15 reported assaults for the month of December. These incidents can be domestic violence or offences outside of the home. Due to the nature of the incidents details will not be shared. 7. 68.20 Adjournment for public comments/questions: 7.10pm. Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling reported the following: Due to the upsurge in COVID -19 cases and the latest restrictions Wilts Council has moved from recovery mode into response mode. Infection rates higher than in first wave with very high rates in the 21-29 age group closely followed by the 30 – 40 age group. With regard to vaccinations the message is clear - please wait to be called forward by the NHS. A second round of Business Support Grants are available and those business that had previously registered would get this second grant automatically. The next TARG Meeting was to be held on line at 09.50 am on 19 January. There are a number of consultations being run by Wilts Council the details of which have been sent out by email and can be accessed on the Wilts council website. Although elections are planned for May it is a case of wait and see. Cllrs noted the report and asked a number of questions for clarity. Meeting reconvened at 7.20pm 8. 69.20 Finance Report. The Clerk presented the Income and Expenditure report for August along with Bank Reconciliations produced from the accounts package and the latest bank statements. Cllrs Members noted the report and reconciliations. The following Bills and cheques were presented and authorised for payment: 1850 P Gill (Lexis Nexis Arnold-Baker 4 Nov 20) £59.99 1851 WALC (Cllr Trg Lyons & Arnold 11 Nov 20) £72.00 (VAT £12.00) 1852 JRC Cleaning Svcs ltd (Bus Shelters 12 Nov 20) £28.00 (VAT £4.67) 1853 P Gill (Clerk’s Sal & Exps 16 Nov 20) £408.77 1854 HMRC (Clerk’s PAYE 16 Nov 20) £93.20 1855 Idverde Ltd (Gds Maint & Bins & Tree Works 24 Nov 20) £978.61 (VAT £163.10) 1856 P Gill (Clerk’s Sal & Exps 15 Dec 20) £408.97 1857 HMRC (Clerk’s PAYE 15 Dec 20) £93.00 BACS X2 Connect Ltd (Red Phone Box Deposit 16 Dec 20) £250.00 1858 P Gill (Print Cartridges 15 Dec 20) £22.99 (VAT £3.83) 1859 Idverde Ltd (Gds Maint & Bins 22 Dec 20) £548.70 (VAT £91.45) Having considered the bills and cheques presented above Cllrs RESOLVED to and authorise them for payment. Action: Clerk Unauthorised Direct Debits. The Clerk had previously informed Cllrs of an issue regarding unauthorised Direct Debits which the Clerk had reported to the bank. The payments have been credited back to the Council account and the Bank is investigating the issue. Cllrs noted the report but had no comment at this time. Action: Clerk Projects. To receive and consider updates on progress and quotes on the following projects. • Storage. Cllr Knowlson reported that the container that he had identified proved to be unsuitable and as a result he was to peruse other options. However, he hopes to identify a new supplier in the near future and will seek further authority if the costs are higher than £1200.00 + VAT plus a delivery fee of £150.00 already authorised at the October meeting. After discussion Cllrs RESOLVED to authorised the purchase of a container and a delivery fee subject to the completion of the ground works and that was seek further authority if the cost was more than £1200.00 + VAT plus a delivery fee of £150.00. Action Cllr Knowlson • Recreation Shelter. Cllr Cockerton reported the repositioning of the litter bin successful in that it had stopped the bin being used as a stepping stone on to the roof. A few areas need repair and a new coat of paint is required to finish the project. Cllrs RESOLVED to thank Cllr Cockerton in advance of the completion of this project and deemed the item closed. • Bus Shelter. Cllr Batley outlined the history of this project to date and reported that due to COVID 19 restrictions he had been unable to take the project very far forward and regretted that the project would not be completed in this FY. Having considered the report Cllrs RESOLVED that the project was to be moved into the next FY and that the £7.5K allocated for the project in this FY was to be transferred to the Footpath Project. Cllrs further resolved that in the meantime Cllr Batley was to investigate with Wilts Council if planning permission was required and was also to seek quotes for a range of wooden and utility bus shelters in order that the project can move at best speed in the next FY. Action: Cllrs Batley, Knowlson and the Clerk. • Footpath. Cllr Dennis outlined the history of this project to date and reported that 2 quotes had been received for the work and that a meeting with a 3rd company was due to be held tomorrow. Cllrs Noted the report and RESOLVED in principle that the project should be moved forward at best speed in order that it can be completed in this financial year. However, a final decision of which company was to be selected will need to be the subject of a formal resolution. Action: Cllrs Dennis, Lyons, Wood, Knowlson and the Clerk • Telephone Box. Cllr Knowlson reported that the Ex-Telephone he had been ordered and that a quote of £896.00 plus vat had been received for the ground works. Cllrs considered the report and the ordering of the Ex-Telephone Box and after discussion RESOLVED not to accept the quote of £896.00 plus VAT that had been received for the ground works at this time and authorised Cllr Dennis to seek further quotes before making a decision on this item. Action: Cllrs Knowlson & Arnold and Clerk. Grant Requests. Although none were received Cllr Cockerton instigated a discussion the lack of grant applications. After a lengthy discussion Cllrs RESOLVED that the Chairman was to write a short message, regarding the availability of small grants from the PC, which was to be placed on the PC’s Website, Facebook page and Notice Board and to be in included in the next issue of the Courier. Action: Chairman FY 21-22. Having considered and scrutinised in detail a draft budget prepared and previously circulated by the Clerk and having taken into account the project reports above, subsequent decisions made and to balance the budget and avoid an above RPI increase for 2021/22 the cash reserve is reduced to 65% as this would enable the council to complete the planned projects Cllrs RESOLVED that based on the now agreed Budget for FY 21/22 that the Precept for FY 21/22 be set at £22,502.95. This is an increase in the Precept of 1.1.% (£0.65) for Band D) on FY 20/21, which is in line with the Retail Price Index measure for September 2020 (1.1%) the figure used in accordance with normal Government practice. Action: Clerk 9. 70.20 Planning Report: 20/09090/FUL. Proposal: - Change of use from residential care home to private dwelling at West Farm House, Sunton SN8 3DZ. 20/05243/FUL & 20/05948/LBC. Proposal: - Change of use and conversion of granary and machinery shed to form 1 no. dwelling with associated access, parking and landscaping. Formation of glass link at the Granary (25m south of Sunton House) & Machinery Shed, Sunton Farm, Sunton, SN8 3DY. 20/08729/FUL. Proposal: - Alterations to access, landscaping and boundary treatments for three dwellings at Station Yard, Station Approach, SN8 3EB. 20/10524/TCA. Dismantle two Ash trees at 1 West Farm Close SN8 3DU. 20/10489/TCA. Leylandii tree – fell at 50 High Street SN8 3EQ. Having previously considered the above planning applications Cllrs RESOLVED to not raise any objections or comments. Action: Cllr Gomes 20/09952/TCA. Fell 3 leylandii, two Sycamores and one Ash which has serious die back at Ducis House, High Street SN8 3EQ. Cllr Cockerton having previously declared a pecuniary interest in this item Cllr Cockerton left the meeting. Having previously considered this planning application Cllrs RESOLVED to not raise any objections or comments. Action: Cllr Gomes Cllr Cockerton re-joined the meeting. 10. 71.20 Play Areas. Cllr Knowlson reported that the Play Areas were open and being used and that the COVID -19 risk assessment was being followed and that he was unaware of any damage or issues with the paly equipment the report from the contractor had not been received. Cllrs directed the Clerk to chase the missing reports with the contractor. Action: Cllr Knowlson and Clerk 11. 72.20 Parking Restrictions on Cadley Road. Cllr Knowlson reported that there was no further development on this item. Cllrs noted the report and RESOLVED to monitor the situation but to close this item for the time being. Action: Clerk 12. 73.20 Speed Watch. Cllr Arnold reported that all 6 volunteers had completed the 2nd training session and he was waiting on his security clearance to be granted. Although there had been no actual Speed Watch Group activity due to COVID 19 restriction he was nonetheless in close contact Collingbourne Kinston Speed Watch Group regarding future activity and was investigating possible locations to conduct Speed Watch operations. He also reported antidotally that as the level of traffic has decreased the general level of speed has increased. Action: Cllr Arnold. 14. 74.20 COVID 19 Community Fund. Cllrs Gomes reported that no requirements had been identified but that following on from the discussion on grants at item 69.20 Cllrs RESOLVED that the Chairman should specifically refer to this fund in the short message he is to write regarding grants in general. Action: Chairman, Cllrs Gomes & Arnold 15. 75.20 Grass Cutting Contract. Cllr Dennis reported that a quote for of the cutting of River Bourne banks in Sunton from spring 2021 £224.00 + VAT Per cut had been revived from Idverde Ltd and Cllrs having previously considered this quote RESOLVED to accept the quote of £224.00 + VAT Per cut, to cut the River Bourne banks in Sunton from spring 2021 with the number of cuts to be confirmed by Cllr Dennis during the cutting season. Action: Cllr Dennis & Clerk 16. 76.20. Complaints. No complaints received that have not already been addressed. 17. 77.20 Date and location of next meeting. The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Tuesday 9 March 2021 and the meeting closed at 21.05.pm Signed: Chairman: Date: