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COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING AT 7.00 pm. ON TUESDAY 9 MARCH 2021 Present: Cllrs P Knowlson (Chairman), K Cockerton (Vice Chairman), D Dennis, S Batley, L Gomes, Cllr J Wood, S Lyons and M Arnold. In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Clerk), Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling and 2 members of the public. 1. Apologies. Wilts Cllr C Williams and PC Sharon Duggan. 1. 82.20. Chairman’s Announcements. The Chairman welcomed everyone and then announced or spoke on the following: the COVID -19 impact on the functioning of the Council and the mitigation that has been put in place to reduce the impact. That this was the last meeting of the Council prior to the Parish Elections which are due to be held on Thu 6 May 21. He took the opportunity to thank Cllrs past and present for their commitment and hard work during the life of this particular Council. Moreover, as a result of boundary changes Wilts Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling will cease to be the Wilts Cllr for Collingbourne Ducis after the election and the Chairman wished to thank him for commitment to Collingbourne Ducis which has been wide and varied. 1. 83.20 Declarations of Interest and dispensation requests. None received. 1. 84.20 Co-Options. No applications received. 1. 85.20 Minutes of the last meeting. Having reviewed the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 12 & 27 January 2021 Cllrs RESOLVED to accept the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting and for the Chairman to sign them as soon as was practicable. Action: Chairman & Clerk 86.20. Matters arising. None that do not appear on the agenda. 1. 87.20 Police Report and Policing Issues. During February the only relevant incident in Collingbourne Ducis was an ASB. However, across the area there have been 9 reported assaults for the month. These incidents can be domestic violence or offences outside of the home. Due to the nature of the incidents details will not be shared. 1. 88.20 Adjournment for public comments/questions: 7.10pm. Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling reported the following: General. Wiltshire’s infection and hospitalisation rates continue to drop and vaccine rates climb fast. BIG well done and thanks to everyone for their high compliance and fantastic support for each other. The latest Wiltshire Council Covid briefing - COVID-19 WEBINAR, 02 MAR - YouTube Or read all the latest statistics and advice at Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Wiltshire Council Leisure and Libraries. I assure you we are working hard to open up as much as we can as soon as we can. Notes of caution: some sites are being used for Covid activities e.g. vaccines at Tidworth Leisure Centre, many of our staff are still redeployed on a wide range of tasks from the Well-Being and Business Support Hubs to vaccine centres and now the elections and finally the safety of both customers and staff remain forefront. We shall publish details of our own roadmap very soon. Budget With a year of very tight spending controls and the Government grants, we expect to end this year with a balanced budget and have put aside reserves to help with the expected substantial increases in need and anticipated loss of income next year. Last week the 21-22 budget was agreed. Highlights are: 1.99% increase in basic council tax 3% council tax levy for Adult Social Care for the £8.6m growth with increasing age demographic and needs. £6.6m investment in Children’s Social Care and a further £1.5m for rising demand for special educational needs service Increase of investment in waste services by £2.6m to a total of £42.3m Six-fold increase in our discretionary hardship fund to £300k, to help families and residents who, after undertaking all avenues of support to reduce their council tax bill, need further support. Nearly £2m to help fund the planned £214m investment in its capital programme, which includes: o £22m in maintaining Wiltshire’s road network. o £23m in schools, including the replacement of the lower block at Stonehenge School. o Continued investment of over £20m in the council’s Health & Wellbeing centre sites, including Melksham Community Campus o Continued carbon reduction initiatives, with £3m for the final transition to LED streetlights and over £4m for our buildings and estate energy efficiencies. o Over £50m into housing, with around 1,000 new council houses over the next 10 years A £4m fund, made up of £1m a year for the next four years, to support market towns to bounce back. The budget report and a replay of the meeting (at its conclusion) can be found at Agenda for Council on Tuesday 23 February 2021, 10.30 am | Wiltshire Council - About 8 hour meeting. Elections. We now know our elections will go ahead on 6 May. As I have briefed you, the division boundaries change at that time with the Everleigh, the Collingbournes and the Chutes joining the new Ludgershall North division. Our Chief Executive and Recording Officer, Terence Herbert, assures us that polling stations will be in operation for those who wish to vote in person, as is their right, but asks that as many as possible register and vote by post to reduce the risk and help keep us all safe. All the details can be found at May 2021 Elections - Wiltshire Council Farewell At the local elections I shall be standing for the Avon Valley division, and for now must say farewell to you all pending the election result. It has been my pleasure and pride to have represented and worked with you for the past 4 years. I think we have done a lot of good together. Thank you for your welcome and collaborative support. Cllrs noted the report and asked a number of questions for clarity. Cllr Gomes then raised the matter of the possible contravention of a planning application which had been brought to the Council’s attention via an email from a concerned member of the public. The details of the concerns had already been emailed Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling who was asked to raise the matter with the relevant Officer at Wilts Council, however Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling suggested that it would be better if the concerned member of the public raised their concerns direct to the Enforcement and Highways Officers at Wilts Council as it is not clear where the concern might sit within Wilts Council. A member of the public and their representative then spoke in support of planning application 20/11467/FUL. Cllrs noted the comments made and asked a number of questions in order to inform their thinking when they consider the application later in the meeting. The meeting reconvened at 7.30pm 1. 89.20 Finance Report. The Clerk presented the Income and Expenditure report for August along with Bank Reconciliations produced from the accounts package and the latest bank statements. Cllrs Members noted the report and reconciliations. The following Bills and cheques were presented and authorised for payment: 1860 Wilts Council (Village Gates 6 Jan21) £1025.00 1861 P Gill (Zoom Mtg 5 Jan 21) 14.39 1862 P Gill P Gill (Clerk’s Sal & Exps 15 Jan 21) £408.77 1863 HMRC (Clerk’s PAYE 15 Jan 21) £93.20 1864 P Gill (Print Paper 25 Jan 21) £5.70 (VAT £0.95) 1865 Idverde Ltd (Idverde Ltd (Gds Maint & Bins 26 Jan21) £548.70 (VAT £91.45) DD BS 1 Feb EDF (Rec Electric 19 Jan21) Tfr Gay Christy (Repayment of mistaken receipt received on 11 Sep 20 - 29 Jan 21) £904.81 1866 P Gill (Printer Cartridges 2 Feb 21) £38.78 (VAT £ 6.46) 1867 JRC Ltd (Bus Shelters 112 Feb 21) £28.00 (VAT £4.67) 1868 P Gill (Guardian Angel PC Sp 11 Feb 21) £54.00 (VAT 9.00) Tfr Andover Construction (Footpath & Phone Base 11 & 12 Feb 21) £13,800 (VAT £2,300) 1869 P Gill P Gill (Clerk’s Sal & Exps 16 Feb 21) £408.77 1870 HMRC (Clerk’s PAYE 16 Feb 21) £93.20 1871 Idverde Ltd (Idverde Ltd (Gds Maint & Bins 22 Feb 21) £548.70 (VAT £91.45) 1872 X2 CONNECT LTD (Red telephone Box TBC12 Dec 20) £3,799.04(£VAT £633.17) 1873 P Gill P Gill (Clerk’s Sal & Exps 6 Mar 21) £408.97 9874 HMRC (Clerk’s PAYE 6 Mar 21) £93.00 Having considered the bills and cheques presented above Cllrs RESOLVED to and authorise them for payment. Action: Clerk Projects. To receive and consider updates on progress and quotes on the following projects. Storage. Cllr Knowlson reported that he has yet to identify a suitable supplier and that the issue of access has yet to be resolved as a result Cllrs RESOLVED that this project was to be rolled over into the next FY. Action: Cllr Knowlson. Bus Shelter. Cllr Batley outlined the history of this project to date and reported that he had done some research into construction materials and styles and had discovered although there were a number of companies that sold wooden bus shelters there was actually only one company that made them all. The average cost was £ £6K +VAT + Delivery. After a lengthy discussion as to which construction materials and styles might best fit within the village environment Cllrs RESOLVED that Cllr Batley was to source quotes for a range of construction materials and styles in order that the Council could determine a way forward with this project. Moreover, Cllrs Lyons and Wood volunteered to assist Cllr Batley with this project. Action: Cllrs Batley, Lyons & Wood. • Footpath. Cllr Dennis reported that the project and been completed on time and to budget and that the majority of comments had been made positive. Cllrs commended the company for its forbearance in the face of the prevailing weather conditions at the time of the work on the footpath. They also thanked Cllr Dennis for his efforts in bringing this project to a successful completion. • Telephone Box Book Exchange Cllr Knowlson reported that the Ex-Telephone Box is due to be delivered on Tue 16 Mar. There then followed a discussion on the need for a volunteer to “manage” the Telephone Box once it was in use as a “Book “Exchange”. A possible volunteer from the village has been identified but now needs to be formally asked to be the “manager” which Cllr Cockerton agreed to do. There was also a discussion regarding COVID 19 safety and other administration matters which Cllrs agreed were best left to be discussed with the “manager” in due course Action: Cllrs Knowlson & Cockerton. Write Off. The Clerk reported that gardening equipment to the value of £668.00 should be written off as it was beyond economical repair. Having considered the report Cllrs RESOLVED write off gardening equipment to the value of £668.00 as it was beyond economical repair. Action: Clerk Defibrillator. Cllr Knowlson informed Cllrs that the defibrillator on the wall of the Tipple Inn had been found to be unserviceable and proposed that although the defibrillator was not a Council asset that the Council purchase a replacement. After a lengthy and detailed discussion Cllrs RESOLVED to purchase a replacement Defibrillator in the next FY at a cost of £1500.00 Incl VAT and that every effort should be made to bring the old one back into service if financially viable and for it to be relocated to a suitable position in the village. Action: Cllr Knowlson Grant Requests. Although a request had been received the Clerk had advised Cllrs that the Council had no power to make the grant. 1. 90.20 Planning Report: To consider planning applications as received from Wiltshire County Council. 20/11467/FUL. Change of use of land for the stationing of 1 No. shepherd hut to provide holiday accommodation at Land opposite Shears Inn, Off Cadley Road, SN8 3ED. 21/01656/TCA. Beech - Reduce by 35%: Sycamore – Fell: Norway Maple - Reduce lowest limb at Semarak, Ludgershall Road, SN8 3EJ. 21/01721/TCA. Dismantle Pohutukawa Tree at 6 Gilberts Piece, SN8 3HH Having previously considered the above planning applications Cllrs RESOLVED to not raise any objections or comments. Action: Cllr Gomes 1. 91.20 Play Areas. Cllr Knowlson reported that the Play Areas were open and being used. The Clerk reported that the picnic bench integral to the Pirate Ship had been damaged beyond repair and that he had removed it. Cllr Cockerton agreed to see if he could get it replaced by a member of his family. Action Cllr Cockerton. Cllr Knowlson informed Cllrs that the Cricket Club had requested that the Council share half the cost (i.e. £222.65 Incl VAT) of replacing a unserviceable bench on the area of the Recreation Ground used by the Cricket Club. After discussion Cllrs RESOLVED to bear half of the cost, i.e. £222.65 Incl VAT, of the replacement Bench in FY 21/22. Action: Clerk 11 93.20 Speed Watch. Cllr Arnold reported that there had been no activity since the last meeting due to COVID 19 restrictions and that he was waiting on his security clearance to be granted. Action: Cllr Arnold. 12. 94.20 COVID 19 Community Fund. Cllr Gomes reported that no requirements had been identified. After a lengthy discussion regarding what this fund might be best used for and which lead into further discussions about a post COVID 19 celebration event and a possible linkage to the Village Beer Fest which is provisionally planned for 25/26 Sep Cllrs RESOLVED to roll the fund forward into FY 21/22 and to defer the item to the next meeting. Action: Cllrs Knowlson & Arnold 13. 95.20. Election Date. Cllrs noted the date of the local elections as Thursday 6 May 21 and the Clerk informed Cllrs that he would run a short Q&A session after the meeting. Moreover Cllrs Cockerton & Gomes informed Cllrs that they would not be standing for election. The Chairman thank both Cllr Cockerton & Gomes for their hard work and dedication during their long service as Cllrs. 14. 96.20. Website & IT Support. Having considered the future administration of the PC website and routine IT support in the light of Cllr Cockerton’s decision to not stand at the next election Cllrs RESOLVED that Cllr Cockerton was to work with Cllr Lyons to hand over the day to day running of the Council website to Cllr Lyons as soon as is practicable and that the matter of routine IT support was to be deferred to the next meeting. Action: Cllrs Cockerton & Lyons. 15 97.20 COMPLAINTS. To consider as received. 16. 98.20 TO SET DATE OF NEXT MEETING: To confirm as the Annual Parish Meeting starting at 7.00 pm. on Monday 17 May 2021 followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council. The meeting closed at 21.30.pm Signed: Chairman: Date:
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