recorded and reclaimed? Yes Is s137 expenditure separately recorded and within statutory limits? Yes
No spend
Risk management arrangements
Does a review of the minutes identify any unusual financial activity? No Do minutes record the council carrying out an annual risk assessment? Yes, at item 11.19 9 May 19 meeting Is insurance cover appropriate and adequate? Yes, and reviewed annually in line with additions to asset register and risk assessment Are internal financial controls documented and regularly reviewed? Yes, as per Standing Orders and Financial Regulations
Budgetary Controls Has the council prepared an annual budget in support of its precept? Yes, RESOLVED at item 60.19 of the Jan 20 meeting Is actual expenditure against the budget regularly reported to the council? Yes, at every meeting Are there any significant unexplained variances from budget? No Income Controls Is income properly recorded and promptly banked? Yes, as soon as it is received Does the precept recorded agree to the Council Tax authority’s notification? Yes Are security controls over cash and near-cash adequate and effective? Yes, as set out in Standing Orders and Financial Regulations