•Does the precept recorded agree to the Council Tax authority’s notification? Yes   • Are security controls over cash and near-cash adequate and effective? Yes as set out in Standing Orders and Financial Regulations  Petty cash procedures  
 • Is all petty cash spent recorded and supported by VAT invoices/receipts? N/A  • Is petty cash expenditure reported to each council meeting? N/A  • Is petty cash reimbursement carried out regularly?  N/A      Mr Gill has presented the account in good order.  The Council has made every effort to ensure that each penny spent is spent wisely. However, The Council did spend the £16K that it had budgeted for the new play equipment.     The Precept has been raised in line with inflation and takes account of the reduction in the Council Tax Grant from Wiltshire Council.  However, I suggest that as there is no major projects planned the reserves are now higher than need to be and note that this is an item on the agenda for the 12 May 2016 PC Meeting.  I recommend that the Council consider setting the level of its reserve at 50-100% of its Precept unless there is good reason to set it higher.     I   note   that   the   significant   variances   are   included   with   the   Annual   Return   documentation   and that   a   review   of   the   effectiveness   of   this   Internal   Audit   is     on   the   agenda   for   the   12   May   2016 meeting.   I advise the Council that its current internal controls and accounting practices combined with its Financial Regulations and Risk Assessment meet the standard required to allow the Council to safely sign off the Annual Governance Statement as required at Sect 1 of the Annual Return.      Yours sincerely           David Beaton Internal Auditor to Collingbourne Ducis PC