• Have items or services above the de minimus amount been competitively purchased? Yes • Are payments in the cashbook supported by invoices, authorised and minuted? Yes and fully cross referenced • Has VAT on payments been identified, recorded and reclaimed? Yes Is s137 expenditure separately recorded and within statutory limits? Yes
No spend
Risk management arrangements
• Does a review of the minutes identify any unusual financial activity? No • Do minutes record the council carrying out an annual risk assessment? Yes at item 09.15 6 May 15 meeting • Is insurance cover appropriate and adequate? Yes and reviewed annually in line with additions to asset register and risk assessment • Are internal financial controls documented and regularly reviewed? Yes as per Standing Orders and Financial Regulations Budgetary Controls • Has the council prepared an annual budget in support of its precept? Yes, RESOLVED at item 56.15 of the Jan 16 meeting • Is actual expenditure against the budget regularly reported to the council? Yes at every meeting • Are there any significant unexplained variances from budget? No Income Controls • Is income properly recorded and promptly banked? Yes, as soon as it is received