importance of other members of the household, including carers’ own children and the support they require   Improve outcomes for children in care including the identification of permanence, placement stability, health and education outcomes   We encourage Wiltshire Council to help by talking to friends, work colleagues, members of community groups and organisations about fostering. This can happen as you go about your usual day to day business or at specific meetings and events – you can say how important it is and what a difference it can make to the lives of vulnerable children and young people in the county. Recent research carried out at Bristol University with children in care shows how important it is that children have someone they can trust, who is interested in them and that:   “Living with someone that you have a good and trustful relationship with is the key to a happy and effective placement”   To find out more about fostering for Wiltshire please visit:    Or phone 01225 716510 (office hours) or 0845 6070888 (out of hours)   Our next information evenings are:   29 May, 7pm - 8pm, County Hall, Trowbridge 26 June, 7pm – 8pm, County Hall, Trowbridge 24 July, 7pm – 8pm, County Hall, Trowbridge 25 September, 7pm – 8pm, County Hall, Trowbridge 30 October, 7pm – 8pm, Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing Centre, Salisbury       Matthew Turner Fostering Service Manager