Families and Children’s Services           Further Enquiries to: Matthew Turner – Fostering Service Manager       Date Prepared:   
20 April 2018        Direct Line:     
01225 712541      Recruitment of foster carers   Wiltshire needs more local authority foster carers; do you know of anyone who may wish to become a foster carer?  Please read this briefing note, and share this information with anyone you think may be a suitable carer.     Who can foster?   It is important to engage with local communities when recruiting foster carers to look after children, who are unable to remain living with their parents or wider family. Foster carers are ordinary people and so they are likely to be living in any part of the county, in any community. To become an approved Wiltshire foster carer the person needs to:     Be at least 21 years old (although they can apply from the age of 18)   Have a spare bedroom big enough for a child or young person to use   Be a full-time resident in the UK or have leave to remain   Be able to give the time to care for a child or young person on a full or part-time basis   There are some myths about fostering and so it is important to know that:     A person can be single and foster although there will need to be a support network in place   It isn’t necessary for a carer to own their own home - they will need to be able to show stability of accommodation   Sexual orientation or identity will not prevent someone from fostering   Religion will not prevent someone from fostering however they will need to demonstrate how they would support a child from a different faith or religion or who is questioning their faith   It isn’t necessary to have a formal qualification – we will provide training   It is possible to continue to work and foster – we will talk to an applicant about how this can work   There is no upper age limit to fostering.     What do we need?   Wiltshire is a large county and foster carers are needed in all areas, although it is recognised that the main priority is to recruit in the main towns to the north and west of the county (Chippenham and Trowbridge) and to the south (Salisbury). Most looked after children come from these areas and so generally local foster carers are needed to support children continuing at school and college and to facilitate family contact more easily.
  Councillors Briefing Note No. 350