COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS –USEFUL CONTACTS AND PRECAUTIONS – SEPT 2019 USEFUL CONTACTS Sewers Wessex Water - water supply and sewerage helpline If you think there is a blockage in the public sewer or your property has been flooded by the public sewer, contact the Wessex Water Sewage Floodline 0345 600 4 600 (Mon-Fri, 8am to 6pm). Storm Drains and roads If there is a blocked storm drain in the street preventing proper drainage, contact Wiltshire Council, or phone 0300 456 0105. Alternatively, for out of hours emergencies call Wiltshire Council main switchboard 0300 456 0100. Flood Risk For Flood warnings see or call 0345 988 1188 (24 hours) Contamination / Pollution of Watercourses If you are concerned about sewage or other waste contaminating a water course (most obviously the Bourne) call the Environment Agency on 0800 807 060 Village Flood Warden Simon Gilford (CD 850575). Please remember that your Village Flood Warden is a volunteer and has a full-time day job. He is not a paid official and whilst he will try and help where possible please try to make contact with the agencies above. Please note that we do have a small supply of Gel Sacs that can be used in an emergency ONLY (they create a temporary barrier). If you require some of these then please contact Simon Gilford. PRECAUTIONS Public Health In the past we have had issues with sewage escaping from the drains in several places in the village. Whilst Wessex Water have taken steps to hopefully solve this problem by carrying out extensive remedial works on the sewers there are some simple steps you should take to minimise risks by: Avoiding walking in areas of surcharging sewers (and discourage children/pets from playing in them!). Changing shoes and washing hands on coming inside if you have had to walk in such areas. Avoiding blocked drains Bin it don’t block it. Don’t put anything down the toilet that is not human waste or toilet tissue. Don’t pour cooking oil or fats down the kitchen sink.
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