 MODEL FINANCIAL REGULAT IONS Page 20 of 20 Notes to the Model. Stated dates or months may be c hanged to suit local circumstances. [ square brackets ] This part may be deleted if not relevant. An alternative may have been  provided. Where the word “regularly” is used in the text it is for the individual  c ouncil to set the required  interval, monthly , quarterly, or half - yearly. This period should never exceed 12 months. The value inserted in  square brackets in [..]  any of the paragraphs  (other than  the EU  Procurement thresholds referred to in  11 .1 (l) ) m ay be varied by the  co uncil and should be  review ed regularly and confirmed annually by the  c ouncil. The appropriate approved list referred to in paragraph 11.1 (b) shall be a list drawn up by the  Clerk and approved by  c ouncil but , normally shall be based on the list maintained by the  District Council f or such works. Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of this document are correct at  time of publication.  The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) cannot accept  responsibility for errors, omissions and changes to information su bsequent to publication. THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LOCAL COUNCILS 109 GREAT RUSSELL STREET LONDON WC1B 3LD   © NALC 2014