CONFIRMATION OF THE DATES OF THE PERIOD FOR THE EXERCISE OF PUBLIC RIGHTS Name of smaller authority: Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council County Area (local councils and parish meetings only): Wiltshire On behalf of the smaller authority, I confirm that the dates set for the period for the exercise of public rights are as follows:  Commencing on: Monday 2 July 2018  and ending on:   Friday 10 august 2018 (Please   enter   the   dates   set   by   the   smaller   authority   as   appropriate   which   must    be   30   working   days inclusive and must  include the first 10 working days of July 2018. We have suggested the following dates: Monday 4 June – Friday 13 July 2018. The   latest   possible   dates   that   comply   with   the   statutory   requirements   are   Monday   2   July   –   Friday   10 August 2018.) Signed: _____________________________________________ Role: Clerk/RFO PLEASE SUBMIT THIS FORM TO PKF LITTLEJOHN LLP WITH THE AGAR AND OTHER REQUESTED DOCUMENTATION