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Parish Council Chairman’s Report 12th May 2016
The past year has been very positive and successful. We have seen the installation of the Puffin Crossing, construction of the mega ship for the children of the parish (and possibly a few moments peace for their parents), the Christmas Big Brunch and the installation of the safety barrier on the footpath from Knapp Close. Although certain improvements will happen in the coming year a lot of work, planning and lobbying has taken place this year to achieve these successes. We joined with all local councils in the area to fight the ‘back door’ closure of the Everleigh Household Recycling Site and caused such an uproar they have, for the time being at least, agreed to keep it open. The beginning of the year also saw the introduction of high speed fibre optic broadband throughout the village. Over the past year we have supported many local causes with our grant scheme and will continue to do so in the future. In our last year of the current council we should see improvement to the lighting of the burial ground footpath as well as a plan to light the school area leading to the recreation ground. The A338 through the village should be resurfaced and the main sewer should be lined, thus preventing the sewage in the street which occurred in the winter of 2013/14. The council takes some pride in the fact that it listens to the parish when it comes to contentious issues, especially planning. We have had two public meetings over the past year (regarding Station Yard development and the Church Bends Scheme) and fed back what you said, not what we thought. This will continue to be our policy in the coming year if the need arises. It has not all been positive. We still have large lorries thundering through the village at all times of the day and night, plus generally speeding traffic, and no one really seems to take much notice of our concerns. We are still working on finding someone to take on the management of the speed watch scheme and, disappointingly, there is no summer parish event on the recreation ground planned. The council, on many occasions, has offered its support for these but cannot take sole responsibility for running them. The village is fortunate to have a wonderful village hall which acts a venue for many varied activities and village events; most of them created and run by villagers working together to make it happen. Through this we now have a local cinema (The Film Place) and regular theatre visits and music. There are also members of the community who have assisted the council in various tasks and offered guidance free of charge and in good spirit. The village is a working village as well as a very pleasant place to live and local businesses, quite apart from providing jobs, services etc. were overwhelmingly generous in their support that enabled the council to have the Christmas Big Brunch open to all at no cost. We do live in a friendly, caring, safe, relatively crime free environment with a good school. The down side is that a lot of people would also like to live here, which means housing prices, both rental and purchase, are way above the local average, thus making it very difficult for the younger local people to remain in the village. Our finances continue to be sound and we have a healthy reserve to see us through the unexpected. We enter our final year with a full council of eleven members and we will continue to serve the parish to the best of our abilities (and, hopefully, leave it much improved from when we first took office). A member of the public asked question regarding the cost of the lighting of the footpath and steps that edge the school. The Chairman replied that the Council was in active discussion with the school regarding how the lighting of the footpath in question might be best light.