Rights of Way in Collingbourne Ducis

There are a number of ancient rights-of-way in the Collingbourne Ducis civil parish. Many of these join up with similar rights-of-way in the neighbouring parishes and so are not dead ends as might at first appear - they simply cross the edge of the Collingbourne Ducis civil parish boundary

Each right-of-way is numbered according to the County Council definitive map. There are three basic types of right-of-way:

Each right-of-way at the link below has its number, a short description and the approximate Ordnance Survey grid reference of its start and finish (which should be accurate to the nearest 50 metres). Some of the descriptions are old and the language and place names quite fascinating.  Note too that the right-of-way path numbers are not consecutive for adjacent paths.

When you are out enjoying the countryside, please remember to follow the Country Code:

The Collingbourne Ducis list of rights of way is here.


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