A338/A346 Working group

Summary of current situation dated 7th September 2013

Reports etc from the Working Group as updated 10th January 2011.

[Note: All documents are in pdf form and need Acrobat Reader to open them.]

Statement of Common Ground between Wiltshire Council and the A338/A346 Working Group (July 2012)

Working group introduction and main report

    Document 1: map of the A338/A346 Corridor

    Document 2: A338/A346 HGV Registration Plate Survey October 2006

    Document 3: Illustration of traffic flow of the data in Document 2

    Document 4: Traffic flows data from WCC’s Automatic Traffic Counters in 2007

    Document 5: Joint Marlborough and Tidworth Community Area working group HGV Issues

    Document 6: Accident Report including HGVs

Report Summary

Minute Extracts & Area Board Decisions as sent to Wiltshire Council 
on 21st April 2010 for Cabinet decision.


Other supporting documents:

Marlborough Town Council support (April 2010)

Notes on County Hall Meeting (September 2010)